Home Remedies for Freckles

For many, a few lightly colored spots may dance across their cheeks, while some fair skinned individuals could spend days counting the number of freckles on their body. They are not an indication that something is wrong or a part of some disorder – it’s simply a genetic feature. When you’d like to lighten your “dots,” try considering the natural approach of using home remedies for freckles.

What are Freckles?

Freckles are pigmented skin cells that are a part of your genetic makeup – especially if you were born with fair skin. The pigmentation is quite common when people are young (prior to entering puberty), but many adults have freckles on their face. The small, single spots are usually tan in color and contain more melanin (pigment) than other skin cells. They are a completely normal occurrence, but tend to darken with overexposure to the sun.

Freckles are commonly found on the nose and cheeks of the body, but also appear on the shoulders, arms, and other places that are exposed to the sun.

Some people have freckles that fade away almost completely in the winter and return in the summer. Other people’s freckles don’t change much with or without the sun and can be seen year-round. Freckles also tend to fade as people get older. Whether you’re freckled or not, be sure to wear sunscreen and follow other sun-safety rules.

Causes of Freckles

Simple freckles and sunburn freckles are the two basic types that you may encounter. Simple freckles are typically tan, round, and small – measuring about the size of a common nail head. They can also be slightly reddish or light brown in color. This type of freckle is typically hereditary and favoring certain physical characteristics, such as affecting lots of people with red and blonde hair.

Sunburn freckles (also called lentigo simplex) are often darker and display irregular jagged borders. Some can reach a size larger than a pencil eraser. This type of freckle often appears on the upper back and shoulders, where most people tend to develop severe sunburn.

Freckle Home Remedies

For some people, they can’t run away from their freckles, but they can still lessen their appearance with natural skin lightening techniques that use common household ingredients. By embracing different lifestyle habits and opting for natural treatments, the following home remedies for freckles could really come in handy:

Vitamin C:
An increase of vitamin C can help reduce freckles that appear all over your body. You can take supplements or add more vitamin C-rich foods to your diet, such as oranges, grapefruit, or orange juice. Vitamin C reduces freckles by making your skin less sensitive to sun exposure.

Sour Cream:
Get rid of freckles by apply sour cream to the face. Keep on the remedy for a few minutes, and then gently wipe off with tissue. If you want your skin to stay fresh and supple, rub on a moisturizer after the sour cream treatment.

Fruit Masks:
When making masks for the face, use fruit (such as strawberry, cucumber or apricot) to treat freckles.

Sour Milk:
The lactic acid in milk can effectively lighten the pigmentation on your skin without causing dryness. Using sour milk as a daily face wash or rinse can gradually lighten the darkness of freckles, as well as make skin smoother.

Stay Out of Sun:
One of the easiest home remedies for freckles is to avoid the sun. If you must venture outside on a sunny day, save your trip until after peak UVA house of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. When going outside, reapply your sunscreen every two hours.

Lemon Juice:
The extract of lemons offers effective natural bleaching results. Use your fingers to apply the lemon juice, which can help to slowly lighten freckles. For smoother skin results, you can follow up with an olive oil and vitamin E mixture after putting on the lemon juice.

Onions have been proven to effectively treat freckles and other marks on the face. Slice a red onion in half and rub on freckled skin one time per day.

Warmed honey has been known to treat unwanted freckles. After heating your honey, add a small amount of wheat germ and gently apply to the skin using your fingers. Follow up by washing off the honey with lukewarm water, and then rinsing thoroughly with cold water.

Vegetable Juices with Creams:
To gradually eliminate freckles, mix the juices of vegetables and fruits (like lemon, orange, parsley) with your favorite skin cream, and then apply to unwanted spots.

Slather on the Sunscreen:
Sunscreen is an important part of fighting unwanted freckles. Using it all year round is recommended. You can use sunscreen as a moisturizer before putting on your makeup. Choose products that offer at least a 15 SPF. The sunscreen will help prevent future freckles while fading the ones you have. People with extremely fair skin should opt for even higher SPF of 30 or 50. Putting the sunscreen on your hands daily will also protect you from damaging rays while you drive.

Put on a Hat:
Wearing a hat when you are outside is a good way to prevent freckles associated with sun exposure. The brim of the hat should be wide so that it provides shade for the nose. You should even wear a hat on sunny winter days and cloudy days because UV rays are still present.

Castor Oil:
Apply castor oil on the skin before going to bed to remove the appearance of freckles from your skin.

Vitamin E:
Increase your intake of vitamin E or rub in a cream with the vitamin to lessen the appearance of freckles.

After grinding some yellow mustard seeds, add to milk to create a mask that can treat freckles throughout the night as you sleep. In the morning, wash it off and the longer you repeat this daily regimen, the quicker you will start to see unwanted marks slowly lighten.

Turmeric and Sesame:
A remedy made out of turmeric paste, crushed sesame seeds, and a small amount of water can help fight freckles. Apply the paste to the skin as a way to address large patches of freckles.

Driving Gloves:
Wearing driving gloves can help protect your skin during car travel and prevent the darkening of hand freckles.

Watermelon and Rice:
Put a hole into a watermelon and place rice grains inside. Leave the fruit as it is for one week. Take it out and make a paste out of the contents. Apply to your freckles.

Shirts with Long Sleeves:
To make sure the freckles on your arms do not accumulate, wear long-sleeved shirts whenever you can. Clothing will offer more protection for this part of your body than sunscreen. This is especially true if you plan on being outside for long periods of time.

Fancy Dress Ideas For Kis

Children like dressing up in their favourite fantasy characters. Fancy dress event is a fun filled moment for the children. Preschoolers feel a part of this event when they are able to relate with the characters. Make fancy dress event the most memorable event of your preschooler with our innovative ideas.

Fancy dress ideas for a preschooler should be fun and innovative; these are only two requirements that will cheer them up. The whole point is to make the event exciting and engage the attention of the child as well as make him feel included. Fancy dress event is an entertainment activity that should also help the child to learn a lot of things in a fun way. Talking of ideas, a preschooler is always found to be excited by objects and things that they can readily relate to. 

They are mostly fairy tale characters, cartoon characters, animals and characters from their favourite animation or superhero movies and also certain characters from their rhymes.

Given below are some ideas for parents that can be used in the next fancy dress event:

Nursery Rhyme Characters 

Be it the Little Bo Peep or the Hickory Dick, kids always love their rhyme characters. Make some fancy dresses by tweaking some dresses in exciting colours, stitching some ribbons or laces at the frills or by adding a zing with some leather bands, belts or hats.

Fancy dress events are a wonderful opportunity to teach the rhymes to the kids without making them feel bored. Kids love to display and the idea of dressing up is an incentive enough to get them going and learning the lines.

Party Themes

Most of the fancy dress options comprise of Halloween, Carnival, Playtime, Mardi Gras and costume parties. Parents can make some innovative costumes for their preschoolers and even use home made face paint. In this segment you can go for the sandwich board costumes that can be crafty as well as inexpensive. These require some clean cardboard boxes, strings, fabric scraps, and poster paints.

Characters from Children’s Stories

With the Twilight books and vampire stories being a rage with the kids, you can also buy some accessories like the purple vampire eye shades, dripping blood fangs, gloves or the velvety capes to add some extra effect.

The groovy goggles part masks are another favorite with the kids. They are easy to make and you can play with the designs and colours extensively. Give it some funky shape like a start shape, or make a shamrock eyeglass just by cutting and assembling party paper crafts. 

An important point that needs to be noted here is that all the innovative ideas that you put in for the fancy dress must inevitable bear a positive impact on the kid. The whole idea should be fun and soothing one, the tender minds must not feel jarred and frightened with the deadly mask that you are planning to put on his innocent face.

As you make the cardboard panels, involve the kid in the activity and they will get to know a lot on how to assemble and arrange things into a definite shape. This will enhance their creative instincts and they will know how to cooperate to make something a success. This is also an opportunity for developing social skills.

In order to make the fancy dress a success, you can always include some plays and dialogue which will be more fun for the preschooler. Decide on a fun theme after discussing it with the kid and be sure to build up a supportive audience. You should also arrange for prizes like medallions which will act as an inspiration and reward and make sure that every kid is offered a prize in some category so that no one feels left out. After all this should be an opportunity for relaxed entertainment.

12 Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a tropical plant that belongs to Ginger family (Zingiberaceae), a plant family that also includes turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. Ginger plant is originated in Southeast Asian and mainly cultivated for its rhizomes (roots) which are used as a spice in Asian cuisine.

However, its healing properties did not go unnoticed in China and in India, where ginger is used today to cure various diseases and health problems. The health benefits of ginger include the following:

Aids in digestion
Ginger root and ginger oil are probably the best herbs for digestion. They are often used for treating abdominal pain, dyspepsia, colic, cramps, diarrhea, indigestion, and bowel or stomach related problems. Ginger tea is also used to relieve stomach problems and helps increase one’s appetite.

Reduces respiratory problems
Since ginger is a good expectorant, it is effective in combating various respiratory problems such as colds, coughs, flu, bronchitis, asthma, and shortness of breath. Ginger is also very effective in removing mucus from the throat and lungs. The health benefits of honey and ginger in treating respiratory problems are well known.

Protects against ulcers
Due to its promotion of mucus secretion, ginger protects against the development of ulcers, unwanted holes in your stomach lining

Relieve arthritis pain
Ginger is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Indian and Scandinavian studies have consistently shown that ginger is useful for relieving most kinds of arthritis.

Treats food poisoning
Ginger is antiseptic and carminative. As a result, it can be used to treat food poisoning. It is also can be used to treat intestinal infections and dysentery bacteria.

Relieve nausea and vomiting
Studies suggest that the short term use of ginger root can effectively relieve pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting as well as nausea caused by motion sickness, chemotherapy or surgery.

Reduces the risk of heart disease
Ginger root extract can help reduce the LDL cholesterol, and thus reducing the risk of heart disease such as stroke and heart attack.

Reduces high blood pressure
Ginger increases and stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles surrounding blood vessels, facilitating the flow of blood throughout the body.

Fight ovarian cancer
Ginger may be a powerful weapon in the treatment of ovarian cancer. In a study conducted at University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, ginger has been found to kill cancer cells in ovarian tissue.

Prevent colon cancer
Ginger contains Gingerols, an active compound which are found to be effective in preventing and treating colon cancer.

Prevents migraine
Research has shown that ginger powder is able to stop the effects of prostaglandins, which may cause inflammation in blood vessels, leading to migraines.

Benefits for Hair
Ginger is also useful for hair treatment. The juice of ginger is useful in treating dandruff.

When you’re going to purchase ginger, choose the fresh rhizome over the dried one. In addition to has a better aroma and taste, it also contains higher levels of the active compound gingerol.

Home Remedies For Wrinkles Under Eyes

Formation of Wrinkles, especially under eyes is a common sign of aging. As aging is a natural process, you cannot escape this problem completely. But, you can surely use some valuable natural treatments consisting of natural home remedies for Wrinkles under eyes to reduce them considerably.

Under eye Wrinkles and fine lines develop because skin gradually loses its elasticity as we age. Besides, younger individuals may also develop Wrinkles under eyes due to excessive exposure to sunlight, lack of moisture in skin, unhealthy diet, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, constant eye movements, excessive squinting and hereditary factors.

So, in order to prevent and cure under eye Wrinkles, you need to take a healthy diet rich in foods containing antioxidants and regularly follow some simple natural home remedies for Wrinkles under eyes.

Natural Home Remedies for Wrinkles Under Eyes
  • Various combinations of ginger (ginger juice or powder) and a little bit of honey serve as excellent natural home remedies for Wrinkles under eyes.
  • Apply the ginger and honey mixture for about half an hour and then wash it off. Follow this therapy 2-3 times in a week. Eating a shredded ginger mixed with a tablespoon of honey is also beneficial in healing this problem.
  • Honey can also be used with rice powder to reduce Wrinkles under eyes. To prepare this under eye Wrinkles home remedy, half a teaspoon of honey in one teaspoon of rice powder. Apply the mixture on face, especially under eyes and rinse it off after half an hour.
  • You can also use a paste prepared from one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of milk powder and some water, just enough to form a paste.
  • Applying a mixture of one tablespoon of honey, a quarter teaspoon of carrot juice and a pinch of baking soda for 15-20 minutes is another natural way to remove Wrinkles under eyes naturally at home.
  • Regularly applying pulp of ripe papaya for half an hour is the easiest possible natural cure for Wrinkles under eyes. It helps in toning the skin.
  • Prepare a mixture by adding two tablespoons of honey, some lime juice and cold milk in pulp of two apricots. Apply the mixture on face and then wash it off after half an hour to get rid of Wrinkles under eyes.
  • An important tip for under eye Wrinkles is to apply extra virgin olive oil on face on a regular basis. Vitamin E oil is also beneficial. You can use any of these oils in combination with honey.
  • Another natural way to reduce Wrinkles under eyes is to apply a mixture of two teaspoons of yogurt, half teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice, and contents of three vitamin E capsule. Wash your face after 10 minutes.
  • Gently massaging coconut oil on the affected area is a valuable natural remedy for Wrinkles under eyes. Follow this natural treatment regularly at night. Similarly, pure rose hip oil or unscented castor oil can also be used to cure Wrinkles under eyes.
  • Regular application of evening primrose oil is highly beneficial in under eye Wrinkles natural treatment. Besides, applying a paste of turmeric powder and cane sugar juice can help a great deal in delaying skin ageing.
  • Applying a mixture of one tablespoon of raw milk and 3-4 drops of lemon juice is one of the simplest natural home remedies for Wrinkles under eyes. To make this home treatment more effective, apply the mixture at night and then rinse it off with warm water in the morning.
  • Prepare a cabbage mask by mixing a teaspoon of honey, a quarter teaspoon of Brewer’s yeast and juice extracted from a few cabbage leaves. Apply the mask on face and rinse it off with warm water after 20 minutes.
  • Another easy home remedy for under eye Wrinkles is to apply a mixture of carrot juice and a teaspoon of almond oil for about 30 minutes.
  • Regularly having adequate amount of antioxidant rich items like green tea, berries, apples, pineapples, avocados, cabbage, broccoli etc is useful in reducing and preventing Wrinkles around eyes. Drink plenty of water as well to keep your skin supple and hydrated.
  • Apple and pineapple juice can also be applied on skin for 10-15 minutes to relieve Wrinkles and fine lines. Needless to add, take proper care of your skin, remove all make-up at night and apply a good quality cream before sleeping to avoid Wrinkles as far as possible.
When applying these anti wrinkle natural remedies, make sure you do not apply them to close to the eyes. Besides, use these natural cures on a regular basis to get encouraging results.

Apart from following these natural home remedies for Wrinkles under eyes, you should also try to reduce stress, sleep properly to provide sufficient rest to eyes and wear sun blocks and sunglasses to protect your skin from sun damage.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face

Wondering how to get rid of dark spots on face merely by using simple and inexpensive natural treatment? Obviously, you must have heard about several skin lightening home remedies, application of lemon juice being the most common.

However, there are several other easy dark spot natural remedies that are safe to use on your face. Moreover, you also need to improve your overall health and diet to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Besides, before starting off with the treatment, try to analyze the symptoms of your dark spots to understand the underlying cause.

This can help determine the right course of action. Given below are some general tips and tricks on how to reduce dark spots on face.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Your Face?
  • Applying juice and pulp of citrus fruits is a classic natural cure for getting rid of dark spots on face. Basically, citrus juices such as lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice, red currant juice, etc. aid in skin lightening by bleaching it.
  • If you are concerned about these solutions being too strong for delicate skin on face, you can dilute them. For instance, you can mix plain water, rosewater, or honey in lemon juice, apply it on face and then, wash it off after 15 minutes. Lemon, however, is may not be suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Combination of four teaspoons of buttermilk and two teaspoons of tomato juice serves as an effective solution for reducing dark spots on face.
  • Prepare a mixture by adding sour milk, cream and honey. Daily apply this remedy on your face for about ten minutes to remove dark spots naturally.
  • Another popular way to get rid of dark spots on face is to apply a combination of one tablespoon of onion juice and two tablespoons of honey for about 15 minutes. You can add some vinegar in the solution, in case you have oily skin.
  • Applying horseradish juice mixed with warm milk can help reduce dark spots on skin.
  • Massaging the area with vitamin E oil is also useful in eliminating acne scars and brown spots on face. Similarly, you can apply honey, too. Besides, raw potato juice is considered valuable in fading dark spots.
  • Mix some rose water in sandalwood powder to make a paste and apply this paste on your face and neck to eliminate dark spots or age spots on skin.
  • Prepare an exfoliating face mask by mixing four tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of honey in 30 grams of oatmeal. Apply it on face and neck for ten minutes and then rinse it off.
  • Application of 4% hydroquinone gel is considered beneficial in curing this problem. You also need to use it with a sunscreen. However, as hydroquinone can cause certain side effects, make sure you consult with your dermatologist about this treatment.
Some other tips and suggestions on how to get rid of dark spots include emphasis on exfoliation of the skin at least once in a week and use of skin care products containing enriching ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin E, and so on.

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Before learning about how to get rid of double chin, it is suggested to find out the underlying cause for this problem.

For instance, at times, the problem of double chin and dry, round face arises due to hypothyroidism, which is also accompanied by symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, brittle fingernails, hair loss, increased need for sleep, hoarse voice, etc.

Besides, aging (causes loose, saggy skin), sluggish lymphatic system, hereditary factors, improper posture and bone structure may also cause slight double chin.

However, the most common reason for developing unattractive second chin (additional layer of fat under the jaw) is obesity.

Tips on how to get rid of Double Chin fat
  • Chin exercises are highly beneficial in reducing double chin. One of the simplest exercises in regard is stretching the loose skin under your chin in upward direction to keep the skin from sagging. Plus, try to keep your jaw muscles firm as much as possible to exercise the flabby muscles.
  • Pull your head back, chin pointing upwards and stretch your lips making a pout for about five seconds. Repeat the process 3-4 times. While performing this exercise, try to keep other facial muscles relaxed.Check out this video showing how to lose double chin using an easy exercise.
  • Sit on an armless chair that ends right below your shoulders so that it can support your head comfortably. Tilt your head back until you look towards the ceiling and hold this position for about 10 seconds to tighten the jaw muscles and then relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times and do 10-15 sets for at least three times in a week in order to exercise your platysma muscle.
  • Perform neck rolls while standing or sitting; keeping the spine erect in either case. It requires gently rotating your neck in clockwise and then anti-clockwise motion. Not only does this exercise trims your double chin but it also reduces shoulder and neck pain.
  • Tips and tricks on how to get rid of your double chin also involve binding technique. This therapy requires you to tie a rectangular cloth or scarf around your head and chin before going to sleep.
  • Another easy workout for your second chin is to keep your mouth open for a few seconds and then close it. Follow this procedure several times in a day.
  • Open your mouth wide and pull the lower lip tight over your bottom teeth. Next, move your jaw up and down. Continue this exercise about 10-15 times, thrice daily.
  • Roll the tongue inside while touching the end of the jaw line. Follow this process for a couple of minutes. Besides, you can lift and lower the jaw up and down to stretch the muscles.
  • Diet and exercise play an important role in getting rid of a double chin. Thus, eliminate junk food from your diet and focus on nutritious fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Plan a healthy diet and monitor your calorie intake.Here’s a video explaining how to get rid of a double chin.
  • As double chin develops due to excess weight, try to lose weight by exercising the body. You can include cardio, running and resistance training in your exercise program. Yoga is another great option.
  • Make a few short and quick wiggles of your chin against the chest to help lose double chin fat.
  • Chewing sugar-free gums is an effective home remedy to get rid of double chin. Plus, perform facial and neck massage every month.
  • Improve your sitting posture by keeping your body straight, head up and neck erect. It strengthens the jaw muscles and makes your double chin appear less noticeable. In addition, sport an appropriate hairstyle that does not accentuate your flabby second chin. In terms of clothing, go for open necklines rather than chokers.
If you are wondering how to get rid of double chin fast then you may consider cosmetic surgery (chin liposuction) to remove excess fat underneath your chin. However, it is usually advised to avoid surgeries as far as possible because they give rise to complications.