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    Saturday, September 08, 2018

    Double Story 4 Bedroom Modern Home

    House Plan Details 
    • Beds 4 
    • Showers 2 
    • Floor Area 165 sq.m. 
    • Part Area 150 sq.m. 
    • Parking spot 1 

    House Description 

    Display day house plan like Dexter model is a 4 room 2 story house included by pinoyeplans. Three meters from beyond what many would consider possible or fence is a little yard which opens to the family room and the partition to the eating up and kitchen. At the left side is a touch of aggregating under the stair and turn around to it is a typical bathroom and shower. L-type kitchen counter which combines the cooler, cooking range, kitchen sink and hanging coordinator are the essential course of action of the kitchen. 

    Correspondingly combined into the ground floor plan of this bleeding edge house is a Bedroom with 3.3 meters by 3.5 meters in measure and a carport which can oblige one vehicle. Room 1 in the ground floor can in like way fill in as a cleaning specialist's room if whenever you have one to help you in your family unit errands. 

    The second floor contains the Master's live with worked in wash rooms and also opens to the yard by an aluminum included sliding door. The ordinary can and shower is especially completed the toilet and shower underneath. Room 2 and 3 and family room are trade parts including a yard over the carport which is open and can vigorously watch the fusing.

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