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    Saturday, December 17, 2016

    Home Remedies For Baggy Eyes

    Baggy eyes refer to puffy eyes which occur due to dark circles around the eyes. The eyes usually become baggy or puffy in old age. However, these days, this problem is also seen amongst youngsters due to immense stress, tension, and work load. The entire beauty of the face is spoiled due to dark circles around the eyes.

    It is imperative for a person to take care of himself or herself, so that the facial beauty is not ruined. Face is the index of mind, and any kind of trouble with the face gives a stressed out and worn out look, which eventually has a bad impact on the personality of an individual.

    Therefore, an individual should make sure to get rid of baggy eyes, so that a revitalized and refreshed look of the face is attained. The section below discusses about some effective home remedies for baggy eyes for you to look young and energetic forever.

    Home Remedies For Baggy Eyes

    The below given home remedies are very safe and would naturally help to get rid of baggy eyes:

    Cucumbers For Baggy Eyes

    The role of cucumbers to deal with puffy eyes cannot be ignored. Cucumbers are really refreshing for the eyes, and help in treating dark circles around the eyes amazingly. Slices of cucumber should be placed on the eyes for around fifteen to twenty minutes to attain immense respite.

    It is important to ensure to refrigerate cucumbers before suing them on eyes. Chilled cucumbers help in reducing swelling around the eyes and work as astringent for the eyes. They help to tighten the blood vessels surrounding the eyes, thus making the skin form and smooth.

    Teabags For Baggy Eyes 

    Use of tea bags on the eyes is considered to be one of the successful home remedies for baggy eyes. Green or black tea bags should be chosen for the treatment of puffy eyes. These tea bags contain tannin which helps in decreasing the swelling near the eye area. The tea bags should be brewed in water for some time and then placed on the eyes once they get cool.

    It is advised to wrap tea bags in tissue before placing them on eyes; so as to avoid stains on the skin. They should be allowed to stay on the eyes for around ten to fifteen minutes and then removed. It is advised to practice this treatment regularly for a few days to see an improvement in the condition of the skin around the eyes.

    Healthy Diet For Baggy Eyes

    Diet plays a crucial role in improving skin’s condition. It is vital to feed the skin around the eyes with proper nutrition, so that dark circles are not formed. The skin should get all healthy vitamins and minerals, so that it keeps glowing forever.

    The baggy eyes would be treated successfully if a person ensures to follow a healthy diet plan consisting of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Further, consumption of chips, crackers, processed foods, and alcohol should be reduced to a great extent, so as to get rid of baggy eyes in a natural and effectual way.

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