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    Monday, April 20, 2015

    Home Remedies For Psoriasis

    Psoriasis refers to a skin disease which occurs in the form of red colored thick patches on the skin with silver border throughout the body. The main body parts which are affected by this skin disorder consist of trunk, elbows, scalp, and knees. A few people may also face the problem of psoriasis in underarms and genital areas.

    There is immense irritation, scaling, and itching on the skin due to the problem of psoriasis. The skin care industry provides several products which may help to treat psoriasis. However, these products only provide short term relief. Also, they might pose side effects, which may worsen the condition of the skin.

    In such a scenario, it is advised to seek the help of home remedies to treat psoriasis. With the help of home remedies, as discussed in the below section, itching, irritation, and redness of the skin would be treated effectually, subsequently providing tremendous relief from psoriasis problem.

    Home Remedies For Psoriasis

    Epsom Salt Water Bath
    Taking bath with a mix of water and Epsom salt would help in providing quick relief from the problem of psoriasis.

    Remedies For Psoriasis
    A mix of warm water and Epsom salt should be created and the body should be soaked in it for around 15-20 minutes to attain instant relief from pain and itching caused due to psoriasis.

    Seawater Bath
    Taking bath with seawater would help in curing psoriasis effectively. Also, application of seawater on affected areas of the skin would help in reducing itching due to psoriasis.

    Vitamin D
    Taking vitamin D from early morning sun’s rays is regarded to be a successful treatment for psoriasis.

    Aloe Vera Gel
    One of the effectual home remedies for psoriasis is aloe vera gel.

    Remedies For Psoriasis
    Application of aloe vera gel on the skin would help in providing tremendous relief from itching caused due to psoriasis.

    Bitter Gourd Juice
    Drinking the juice of bitter gourd every day regularly for around six months would help to treat psoriasis.

    Remedies For Psoriasis
    The juice should be combined with lemon juice, and ingested every day in morning to obtain effectual results.

    Cabbage Leaves
    Cabbage leaves should be washed properly with water, before being applied on the affected areas of the skin.

    Remedies For Psoriasis
    The cabbage leaves are used for psoriasis treatment after removing their thick veins

    How To Treat Psoriasis With Diet

    Another home remedy which helps in curing psoriasis is use of mudpacks on the skin.

    Cashew Nut Oil
    Application of cashew nut oil is also considered to be one of the effective home treatments for psoriasis.

    Garlic Oil
    Rubbing garlic oil on red patches of the skin would provide great level of relief from pain and itching due to psoriasis.

    Olive Oil, Oregano Oil, And Calendula Oil
    Another effective home remedy to get rid of psoriasis is to combine together olive oil, oregano oil, and calendula oil, and massage the skin with this oil mix.

    Wheat Germ Oil, Castor Oil, And Sunflower Oil
    All these oils are combined together and used as a lotion for treating psoriasis. This lotion can be applied on the skin twice daily to see an improvement in the condition of the skin.



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