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    Saturday, April 11, 2015

    Home Remedies For Cold Sores

    A small blister that comes up on or around the lips area and is often filled with some sort of fluid is called as cold sore. These sores are very sensitive to any quick changes that occur in the environment and are extremely painful for the person, and are hence referred as cold sores. These sores are created by a virus that spreads very easily from person to person and is called as herpes virus. Cold sores are a very common mouth problem for a lot of people all around the world. The type 1 virus spreads cold sores that are contagious in spreading while type 2 viruses spread as genital disease.

    Home remedies for cold sores

    • There are lots of remedies that you can do at home to prevent the pain that cold sores give you , these include the following.
    • One of the simplest and effective measure is to rub some ice on it so that the area around gets cooled easily and the growth of the cold sore is reduced extremely. Rubbing the ice for about 3-8 minutes not only give relief but also helps to reduce the growth.
    • Also if lemon or balm is rubbed around the area, the cold sores are very much reduced and hence give relief to that area.
    • The use of coffee should beavoided in the day to day life as its use, increase the chance of cold sores striking the area.
    • The use of vitamin C in the food is very good in reducing the effect of cold sores; hence food products high in vitamin c content like citrus should be used thrice daily.
    • Yogurt is yet another home medicine that you can use to reduce your cold sores as they help to prevent further formation of cold sores. Also it is advisable to eat non-heated cold sores as they are not as high in minerals content. Yogurt improves the immune system and is hence extremely beneficial for health.
    • The use of zinc is also considered is also known to be a wonderful source to reduce these cold source and hence doctors refer the patients to have zinc tablets when they suffer from these cold sores.
    • Rubbing the cold sores by the juices of the aloe plant can also provide high amount of relief from these cold sores.
    • Using the paste from a plant name chaparral has been the most effective medicine that people from the native America have been using to prevent and cure the cold sores.
    • Also the use of camphor on these cold sores can also provide lots of relief to overcome these cold sores.
    •  Cold are sores are extremely contagious and spread very easily from person to person, hence it is very important for a person suffering from cold sores to avoid any contacts like kissing and shaking hands with other persons. Also young children should specially be kept away as they have a weaker immune system.

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