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    Sunday, October 19, 2014

    Herbal Remedies For Cancer

    Cancer is a deadly disease which occurs due to excessive growth of certain abnormal cells in human the body. Cancer can be of various types, viz. lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer etc.

    Once an individual is diagnosed with cancer, his or her life is at great risk. Though various medical treatments are there to treat cancer at various stages, however, at times, the situation may go out of control, which may be risky for the life of an individual.

    Therefore, it is very important for an individual to take appropriate preventive measures, so that risk of being affected by cancer can be avoided. There are a few natural ways to deal with cancer. With the help of certain herbs, cancer can be treated and prevented to a great extent.A few effective herbal treatments for cancer have been discussed as follows:

    Herbal Treatments For Cancer

    Saw Palmetto
    This herb is native to Southeast United states. The berries of saw palmetto are mainly used for healing purposes. The berries are initially harvested, then dried, and later on ground to be used in capsules or for making tea.

    The herb has anti inflammatory properties, and is believed to decrease prostate’s size. Risk of being affected by prostate cancer would be reduced with the help of intake of saw palmetto herb in supplement form or in tea form.

    Mistletoe Extract
    Mistletoe extract is derived from semi-parasitic mistletoe plant. The extract has been in use for several years to deal with various kinds of ailments, including cancer. The growth of the cancerous cells gets reduced with the aid of ingestion of mistletoe extract.

    Also, the health of the immune system would be improved. The size of the tumor would get reduced with assistance of intake of mistletoe extract, hence proving to be very good herbal treatment for cancer.

    This herbal treatment may be practiced from one year to several years to see effective results. The life span of the cancer patients would be elongated after using mistletoe extract for treating cancer.

    Essiac is an amalgamation of several herbs viz. burdock, sheep sorrel, elm, rhubarb kelp, blessed thistle, watercress, and red clover. All these herbs are brewed together in the form of tea and consumed orally to reduce the growth of cancerous cells.

    Overall health would also be improved and the health of the immune system would be boosted up with the help of this herbal treatment for cancer. The pain in the body would get reduced, and the appetite would also be improved with the assistance of essiac herbal treatment.

    The tumor size would be reduced, consequently helping to treat cancer effectively and naturally. The use of essiac for treating cancer is increasing day by day in Canada and US.

    Aloe Vera
    The use of aloe vera with respect to improving skin health, boosting up the immune system, treating minor burns and injuries, and curing intestinal infections cannot be ignored.

    Lately, it has been also found that aloe vera can help to treat cancer. It is enriched with an element called acemannan, which contains antiviral properties. Aloe vera herb is non toxic in nature and can help to deal with cancer effectively.

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