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    Friday, October 17, 2014

    4 th Week of Pregnancy

    During the fourth week of pregnancy, the baby is still very tiny. The baby may be 1mm long at the most, and looks like a sort of a tadpole. The ovary will prepare and maintain the uterus until the placenta will be ready to take over.

    Baby’s growth and development
    The ball of cells that was dividing in your uterus has now transformed into an embryo, about the size of an apple seed. The next five weeks are very important for your baby’s developments. The baby will now receive food and oxygen through the umbilical cord and placenta.


    (a) Weight gain

    Another factor to consider during the pregnancy is to control your weight. Adding calories to your diet is needed for the nourishment of the baby but too many calories will affect your health. You must consider the average number of calories you consume every day. Too much weight gain will be tiresome for you in the later weeks of pregnancy. It may be very hard for you to keep your figure in shape after pregnancy.

    (b) How you may feel?
    You may feel some symptoms of early pregnancy by now and will notice some changes in your body like you may feel tired, your breast may feel tender or you may feel like you are just about to start your periods. newly pregnant moms didn’t know that they are actually pregnant because the symptoms are just the same as having their regular periods. Half of all pregnancies are unplanned so you are sure not alone on this and make sure you know how to handle yourself and especially the baby inside with utmost care.

    (c) Complications
    There are some substances that are harmful for the babies and can cause fetal malformation or deformities. Common substances that are known to be harmful include cigarettes and alcohol. If you have problems with any of these substances you should consult your healthcare provider ensuring the health and safety of your baby during your pregnancy. Remember it is vital to your health and the health of your unborn baby that you are open and honest with your healthcare.

    (a) Dietary needs

    You need to eat well and healthy remember it is very important to supply appropriate nutrition to your baby and this can be done when you take care of what you eat. Consult your doctor on what medications are required at this stage and follow accordingly.

    (b) Exercise

    If your baby wasn’t planned or if this is the first pregnancy that you have, you don’t have to worry instead be happy, though your life style may change a little but all you have to do is just make yourself busy or have plenty of exercise because it can help you a lot to develop the strength and stamina you will need in the pregnancy. It will also help you control the weight gain for you to easily restore the body you had before the pregnancy. Moderate swimming and walking are examples of activities that will help and you can enjoy them as well.Do some easy stretches that are specially adapted for pregnancy. Make sure that you enroll to an instructor qualified to teach pregnant women. Yoga is another good option, but make sure you talk to your doctor before you start any fitness regime and follow whatever he recommends.

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