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    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    How to Help Kids Bond with Grandparents

    Bonding with grandparents is important as grandparents play a crucial role in nurturing children. Grandparents are an important part of childhood as they help in molding child as a good individual. Read on to find tips and advices for helping child to bond with grandparents.

    Grandparents are a very important part of anyone’s life. No matter whether they live miles apart or few states away, there is a special bonding between grandparents and grandchildren. The main reason is that grandparents give unconditional love to their grandchildren and in return they get healthier, happier and active lifestyle.

    The child feels safe and secure with grandparents’ love and grandparents help kids build up trust and independence. In addition to this, they help kids have enhanced physical, emotional and spiritual health. There are many ways to help kids bond with their grandparents so that they have a mutually rewarding relationship.

    Tips to Help Your Kid Bond with Grandparents

    Leave Children with Grandparents
    If your parents or in laws are staying with you, let your children spend some time with their grandparents. Leave your child under their care and let them handle everything on their own.

    Visit Grandparent's Place
    If your parents stay away from you, try to visit their place as often as you can along with your children. If not, at least send photographs and details about your kids frequently.

    Letting Grandparents take Complete Care
    Remember grandparents will turn out to be better child care option. So, if your parents can take some days out or stay with you for long, let them stay and take care of their grandchildren.

    Asking Grandparents to Read
    The intimacy between kids and grandparents can increase by simple reading. If grandpa reads out a book or a chapter to young child, he will remember things for long in his life.

    Be a Role Model
    Just keep in mind that children follow what their parents do. So, set an example and show your love and care for your parents and in laws. They will follow and do the same way.

    Keep Up the Interaction
    If your parents stay away from you, make sure there is regular communication between your kids and your parents. This can be through internet or over the phone, as they find comfortable and the age of the child allows.

    Advices for Helping Child Bond with Grandparents
    • Have a quick look at the advices for helping child to bond with grandparents.
    • Let your kids spend a whole day out with grandparents or play some games together.
    • Motivate your kids to ask their grandparents to tell stories if possible every night.
    • Let kids and grandparents get involved together in silly games, scary stories and enjoy baseless giggles.
    • You can also leave them sleep with grandma and grandpa.
    • Encourage your kid learn a new skill from grandparents.
    • Initiate and let your kids learn about tradition and family rituals from their grandparents. Do not interfere even if kids ask lot of questions.
    • Let grandma and kids prepare snacks or anything of their choice in kitchen. Children love when they are allowed to experiment in the kitchen.
    • Bonding with grandparents results in multi-level benefits. The only thing you need to do is check out the child safety list before leaving your child with your parents. This is very important because do not forget that your parents have been living in a house where there are no small children.
    So, childproof the home and keep away from your kid’s reach dangerous things like cleaning products, medicines, razors, knives and such things that can harm your child in any way. If you are able to take these measures beforehand, your kids will have a wonderful time and experience with their grandparents.

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