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    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    3rd Week of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy week 3 is a time where most expectant mothers have no idea that they are pregnant. If they have been trying to conceive for some time then; the changes within and outside their bodies will be apparent. However, most expectant mothers at this stage of pregnancy are unaware of it. Most notice that they are pregnant when they miss their period. That too, is if they are calculating the number of days.

    How big is your baby

    The fetus at this stage is the size of a head of a pin. It will amaze most mothers and fathers alike on the manner in which a baby will grow out of this little pin size.

    Baby’s growth and developments

    At this time of the pregnancy there is no baby. However, there is a fetus. Once the fertilized egg travelsthrough the fallopian tubes and plants itself in the uterus, it will float around it for a few days. Amniotic fluid is beginning to collect around the fertilized egg which will later become the amniotic sac which will protect the baby from harm such as falls and prodding’s of any kind. If one were to take a magnifying glass and look through, they will not be able to see anything resembling a baby at this point.

    The placenta which provides food and nutrients for the baby has not developed during this time. However, the fetus will receive the much needed nutrients it needs to become a fully grown healthy baby. This happens through a primitive circulatory system that connects the baby to the blood vessels in uterine wall which in turn feeds and nourishes the baby till the placenta is formed.

    Physical development
    • There will be many changes which will be occurring in the mother. The mother’s womb for one now includes a tiny ball of several hundred cells which are multiplying in order to make a baby. This ball of cells makes its home in the uterus and a part of it will start making the placenta. This part will produce a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).
    • This hormone is the one which when one uses a pregnancy test kit makes it positive. It stops the releasing of eggs and will produce estrogen and progesterone which will strengthen the placental lining and growth. Most often if this does not occur in the proper manner, many expectant mothers could miscarry and lose their babies within the first three weeks of pregnancy.
    How you may feel
    • Most expectant mothers will start to feel as if they are getting their period during this week. They will have some cramping and pain in the lower stomachs which earlier made them get their period within a few days. Most women who are unaware that they are pregnant will assume they are close to their period and if looking forward to a positive result will be very disappointed. At this point some women will also produce mucus which is similar to the mucus which accumulates when one is ovulating and close to getting their period.
    • Some women have spotting or small amounts of bleeding during this time, which confirms to them that they are definitely not pregnant. This is not so. Many pregnant women have spotting and bleeding similar to a discharge which can be misunderstood for a period but in fact confirms that they are pregnant. This bleeding is called implantation spotting which is thought to be caused by the egg planting itself into the uterine lining.


    However, constant bleeding at pregnancy 3 weeks could be problematic and should be checked by the gynecologist. This type of bleeding is very different from the clotting or discharge of the abovementioned. This will be accompanied by unbearably painful cramping of the stomach and clotting. This could lead to a miscarriage if not checked immediately. Another reason women may bleed excessively is if they have conceived elsewhere other than the uterus, such as the fallopian tubes. In this case it should be good reason to visit the emergency section of the nearest hospital because unattended could mean death of the mother.

    How Dads can help Mom

    This is a thrilling time and you may feel the emotional instability within you. The mom to be may experience a lot of significant changes inside and outside her. Do things which she likes. Talk to her about your feelings and this will soothe her as she will connect to her own feelings. Showing concern towards her will reassure her that she is not alone during this unexpected process.


    Week tests

    Get yourself a home pregnancy kit. Most home test is able to detect pregnancy correctly. What expectant mothers should watch out for with a home pregnancy test are the two lines which will appear on the small window of the test. With the positive information in hand, expectant mothers can now calculate the approximate time their babies will be due. For more accurate results, test first thing in the morning.

    Dietary needs

    If the expectant mother has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant, she should begin the next months by taking proper care of herself. This requires her to eat healthy food. Most expectant mothers will have cravings during this time of their pregnancy followed by bouts of nausea. What they should keep in mind is to eat moderately and not gourmandize.

    • Exercise however, depends on what one’s doctor recommends. If you have being working out before conceiving, talk to your doctor to continue your regime or not. A tedious workout may harm you and your baby. You will have to reschedule your workout to lower levels and lessen your duration as well. Most women have been told to keep their exercise down to walking till the first three months of pregnancy has passed. This is due to the possibility of a miscarriage.
    • Expectant mothers should remember they have a long way to go. Nine months of expectations which will give them the opportunity to get ready for the responsibilities they will face by giving birth. Being careful in everything they do will ensure that they have a healthy baby at the end of this journey.

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