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    Monday, August 18, 2014

    Tips for Encouraging Hidden Talents in Kids

    Right encouragement is needed to bring out the hidden talents in kids. Read on to find tips for encouraging hidden talents in your kids.

    It is extremely important to identify hidden talents in kids as early as possible; this not only helps from the career perspective but is a great emotional boost as well. Each person on this earth is born with a specific talent. And in many cases, it is found that, the talent remains dormant, waiting to be discovered and polished. They are unused, not acknowledged and therefore not appreciated.

    The problem arises in the course of the development of the career, when children need to choose a certain path, which is different from their inherent field of interest, just due to the very fact that this particular talent has been lying unused and unexplored properly. It is thus very vital from the perspective of the kid that his or her hidden talents are discovered and duly encouraged. Here are some tips on how to go about it:

    Review the Activities of The Kid

    The root of the hidden talent always lays in some childhood activities. If you look back at the childhood days of the kid, you will find the kid has some deep interest in certain activities. Trace back to those activities and you will get a clue on what interests the kid. Parents often have this habit or tendency to prejudge. So many interests that are originally inherent get lost or overlooked in favour of some other “practical” or popular activities. So look out for those that the kid felt genuinely excited and interested in pursuing.

    Seek For Workbook Projects

    It has been found in many researches that workbook projects or questionnaires have extensively helped in the discovery of hidden talents. As you go through the questionnaires and solve them, you will find your mind opening you to newer ideas and exploring newer thoughts. In this process, the hidden field of interest wakes up from dormancy and you get an opportunity to discover your strengths anew.

    Prepare a Basic Questionnaire For Life

    Chart out some common basic questions concerning life, in a manner that is comprehensible to the kid. These questions can be in the likes of – your preferred career path, what are you most passionate about, what activity arouses your enthusiasm and where your ultimate commitment lies. Place some direct questions like, where do you find yourself most sure while making decisions. If you have a choice, what is the field that you would prefer, etc. these questions will act as cues to discover what the hidden talents in your kid are.

    Seek Help As Necessary

    The condition can be such that the kid may not open up to these questions when they are placed before them by their parents. Here again, the parents are responsible for this. The kids develop an apprehension that certain things are expected from their parents, and you might have already made it clear to them that they are expected to follow a certain career path. So when you ask questions like, preferred field of interest or excitement, they are at a loss as to what answer would satisfy you. In these cases, it is important to get the cue before it is too late. Try and seek the help of professional counselors or friends and family members, that is, people to whom the kid is comfortable with.

    Finally, if you are interested in discovering and cultivating the hidden talent of your kid, make it a point that you do not end up piling up your unfulfilled dreams and aspirations on the kid. Allow the kid to discover and pursue his interest and you will find that this not only gives joy and satisfaction to the kid, but he will be successful as well.

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