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    Monday, July 14, 2014

    Tips to Get Healthy Teeth For Kids

    Maintaining a good dental hygiene is of utmost important in order to prevent cavities and ensure healthy teeth for kids. Though everyone is well aware of the importance of early visits to the dentist yet the rate of toddlers suffering from cavities is increasing at a pretty fast pace. According to a report from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, it has been estimated that since the last couple of years, the rate of cavities among teens have been decreasing and that of toddlers are increasing. The basics of dental care, that all of us are aware of, are not just enough to take proper care of the teeth.

    And when it comes to taking care of your baby's teeth, then there are some more important things that you must take care of. Following are some of the things that you must follow specifically:

    1) Make sure to clean the gum of your baby before his first teeth protrudes out. Use a soft bristle to brush your baby's teeth twice a day.

    2) Till he is 2 years of age make sure not to use any fluoride toothpaste. However, you can switch to a fluoride toothpaste once he is 2 years of age.

    3) Get your child's teeth brushed properly especially before going to bed.

    4) Make sure to visit your dentist every 6 months regularly. Help your child to floss his teeth regularly to prevent cavities.

    5) In order to reduce the risk of cavities, you can consider dental sealants for your baby's permanent molar.

    It is just not right to ignore the health of your baby's teeth. And moreover, good dental habits that you teach them during this age will last a lifetime. Poor dental habits can lead to formation of cavities. Other than the poor dental hygiene, there are also other factors that could lead to the formation of cavities. Eating sticky snacks, lack of fluoride, etc.

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