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    Monday, July 07, 2014

    How to Be Patient with Kids

    It is important to be patient with kids when they start throwing tantrums or behave badly. Let us have a look at some tips for dealing with kids patiently.

    When you have a small kid or a toddler at home there are bound to be bad behaviour days which can make you angry or frustrated easily. It is very difficult to control our temper when dealing with an aggressive child who just does not listen to what elders have to say. As a result we end up reacting negatively by shouting at her.  

    Children need to be left alone to calm down after a temper tantrum. Hence, it is best for parents to simply exit for the scene of action for a few minutes to convey their displeasure to the kid. This requires a tremendous amount of patience and will power on part of the caregivers. Here are some simple tips which will help you develop the art of remaining patient while dealing with your young ones.

    Chill Out

    As soon as you realise a sense of frustration building up, just leave whatever you are doing and relax for a while. This will enable you to see things in a better perspective. The short break will help you realise that a small kid behaves badly because of various reasons some of which can be easily identified. When you sit down and think things over calmly you may be able to figure out what prompted your kid to behave badly in the first place.

    Stop Talking

    It is best to stop communicating with a child when she behaves badly. For example, if we keep talking while a child behaves badly she gets the impression that what she is doing is acceptable. Personally, for you also it may not be the best time to engage in a conversation emotionally. Losing your cool will reinforce your emotions in a negative direction and make things worse for all concerned.

    Take a Deep Breath

    Practicing deep breathing exercises is very useful for adults to calm down. It is beneficial to slow down the heart rate and lower the blood pressure. Pranayama is the simplest form of breathing exercise which must be practiced initially under the guidance and supervision of a qualified instructor. In case you suffer from any medical ailments it is important for you to check with your doctor before practicing breathing exercises.

    Pen your Thoughts

    Writing down your thoughts and emotions is an excellent way to get frustration out of your system fast. Research has indicated that writing is very useful to regulate our emotions. It gives us a feeling of communicating our feelings to another person without actually doing so.

    You can make use of a diary to pen your thoughts or keep a simple “emotion write up” pad next to you. Whenever you sense anger or frustration building up, write down your feelings in the diary or writing pad. You may choose to keep the writing pad or throw way the written paper at the end of each day. You must try this technique to believe in its effectiveness.

    The above are some simple techniques to help you take off your mind from an issue which makes you lose your temper while dealing with a kid. Walking, writing or taking a break all are useful to get away from the scene temporarily and think rationally and act in a mature behaviour.

    It is important for you to understand and accept that it may not be always possible for you to be patient. It is normal to react angrily once in a while. There is no point in feeling guilty about these one off occasions. You must apologise to your kid and move on.  The only thing which we as parents must not do is get angry frequently since this can have a negative effect on a kid's emotional and social development.How to be Patient with Kids

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