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    Thursday, July 10, 2014

    Exercises For Losing Arm Fat

    Exercising plays a major role in losing arm fat. It can actually be next to impossible to try and lose weight without engaging in any form of exercising. It might take you ages to achieve your ideal look when you do not incorporate the important exercises in your schedule. Here are four of the best exercises that will help you in losing arm fat.

    1. Pushups - The arms have a tendency of getting weaker without heavy lifting. The only times that many people carry any weight is when carrying a baby at home or carrying grocery bags. It is as a result of the weakness that pushups can be very hard in the beginning. It is therefore advisable to start with this exercise slowly to get used to it first. Knee pushups are the best for women. They are great starters as the weight is held by the hands and the knees making them very easy. When the arms are stronger, you can slowly enter into the normal toes and hands pushups. The arms should be placed wider than shoulder width for the open pushups. The closed pushups on the other hand will have arms closer together.

    2. Weight lifting - The weights work amazingly well in reducing arm fat. It is, however advisable to start with the lighter versions. A 2 to 3 pound weight is good for a start before graduating to the heavier weights as the arms become stronger. They will strengthen the arm muscles over time. To lean the arms, hold the weight and put them down before then lifting to the sides of the arms and also to the front. You can also lift towards the back taking them as high as possible. A straight arm, body and elbow posture is advisable when doing the weight lifting.

    3. Twisting arm - The exercise looks quite easy, but it can be very hard to achieve. Standing straight, spread your arms to the sides and keep the arms straight. Then twist the arms so that the palms face towards the ceiling. In the horizontal axis, twist the arms and let the palms face towards the ceiling once more. Even though it might seem easy, it can cause sore muscles. You therefore want to do repetitions in moderation at first.

    4. The scissors - the exercise acquires the name as a result of the movements which end up looking like scissors opening and closing. Standing straight, stretch the arms in front at shoulder height and let them remain straight and firm. Stretch them sideways, then bring them to the front and allow the right to overlap the left. Stretch out again and bring them to the front with the left now overlapping the right. You can repeat the exercise up to 20 times.

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