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    Saturday, July 05, 2014

    Advantages of Breast Feeding

    Bringing new born baby carries lots of happiness in your family. You need to provide more attention and importance to your baby that she/he needs most during this period. You have to maintain her schedule for feeding and sleeping. Feeding is the most important for healthy growth of baby. There are many advantages of breast feeding to new born.

    Advantages of Breast Feeding
    • Mother’s milk is the perfect food for a baby's digestive system. It contains more nutrients including the vitamins, minerals and all its components such as lactose, protein and fat for easy digestion and beneficial for a newborn's immature system.
    • Antibodies in mother’s milk help to protect baby from various disease cause byinfections.
    • Breastfed babies are healthier then bottle fed babies. Breast milk protects babies from development of major disease such as diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol and allergies. Breastfeeding also help in reducing chance of obesity.
    • Mother also gets advantage by breast feeding to baby as it burns calories and help the uterus to shrink. Therefore it keeps you in good shape. One major advantage of breast feeding is it protects mother from breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
    • Touch therapy is very helpful for new born. Breastfeeding attach mother and baby and strengthen their relationship.
    • Advantages of Bottle Feeding
    • It is not possible for all women to provide breast feeding for a long time due to many reasons especially for working women. As they need to attend their job after few days they cannot attend their baby whole the day. In such case she needs to use supplementary food for baby such as bottle feeding. Nowadays, there are many infant milk powder are available in the market, which is good for new born baby. You can give it to your baby if you are working woman or you have any problems in feeding due to lack of breast milk or other reasons.
    • If your baby is used to of bottle feeding, it is helpful to you because any one in your family can give your baby bottle as and when she needs without need of your presence. It gives advantage to bottle feed your baby in public places or in gathering.
    • Your baby get less hungry compare to breast feeding as formula feeding is less digestive compare to breast feeding.

    Drawback of Breast Feeding
    • Due to invariable need of new born, mother get tired, and cannot sleep peacefully even in the night. Breast milk is digesting easily, baby demanding more and mother need to attend her any time. Therefore, it is essential to give formula feeding if you are not strong physically or you cannot attend your baby when she needs.
    • Sometimes, due to some physical problems or woman who suffers from any major disease, it is highly recommended not to give breast milk to baby.
    • For premature born baby, it is not possible for baby to breastfed. In such case you can take advice of your doctor regarding giving breast milk through bottle.

    Always remember, mother’s milk is the best food for infant. You should try to provide breast feeding as long as you can at least for six months. Breast milk is beneficial for mother and child both. Steps ahead to build healthy nation, by making your child healthy.

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