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    Sunday, July 13, 2014

    1st and 2nd Week of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy period is a great experience for the woman when she becomes pregnant for the first time. She becomes eager to know about her baby’s growth. Previously it was not possible for women to know about development of their baby. They just know by experienced of elder lady in their home or family. Nowadays, it is possible to know week by week development of your baby on the internet and there are many books are also available. You can learn it according to your convenience. As an enthusiastic mother, you should familiar with your baby’s weekly growth. It helps and guides you that at every stage of development what you need to eat or follow for healthy growth of your baby. Pregnancy is nothing, but nine months miracle of god. You should always prey god for health of your baby and yourself. Give birth to healthy baby without any defect is indeed god’s gift to parents. After giving birth to baby, mother also feel like her new born. Mother should go safely and take good precaution during her nine months journey with baby in her womb.

    Calculating precise due date is very important to know about accurate weekly development of baby. You should consult doctor for your accurate due date. Generally, due date is calculate from your lastmenstrual period. Normally, your doctor calculates your due date two weeks later from the time of conception.

    Pregnancy period is divided in three trimesters as follows.

    First trimester of pregnancy – 1 to 12 weeks
    Second trimester of pregnancy – 13 to 28 weeks
    Third trimester of pregnancy – 29 to 40 weeks

     First trimester of pregnancy – 1 to 12 weeks

    Many women may not aware about their pregnancy sometimes up to 2 months [6 to 7 weeks. It is not for all, but many women know about their pregnancy by early pregnancy symptoms like vomiting, nausea, stress, back pain, annoying, etc.  These symptoms may continue for the first three months of pregnancy. You don’t need to worry about it as it will disappear with beginning of second trimester.

    As and when you identify pregnancy symptoms or get positive result in self pregnancy test, you need to immediately contact your gynecologist. Your doctor will check for your pregnancy and as they found you become pregnant, they will ask you for complete health check up. It is very essential to know any medical complications or other problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, anemia or any other that can affect your pregnancy. Once you through from such test, you need to feel relax if you don’t have any such complication. In case of any medical complication, do not get depress, follow your doctor’s advice and try to keep yourself healthy and happy. Many women know about their pregnancy at the end of their first trimester. It is due to many women have irregular periods or sometimes they found periods [some spotting]. Therefore, they cannot identify their symptoms of pregnancy. You should not worry for that, but remember contact immediately when you identify your pregnancy.

    Pregnancy Week 1 and Pregnancy Week 2

    Pregnancy week 1 and pregnancy week 2 is the period in which woman’s body produce estrogen and progesterone for ovulation. When your ovaries discharge an egg, you will surely get pregnancy when your partner's sperm and your egg meet. Your egg will be fertilized and pass through the fallopian tube and enter into uterus. Your fertile egg will be grown up for next 40 weeks in your uterus.

    Identify Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

    Some common symptoms that many women experiences during the first week of pregnancy, but it is not always that all women can identify it. You may find mild cramping in your body during ovulation. During ovulation you may find an increased in clear discharge during your most fertile time. Your most fertile time can identify by your clear, slippery and stretchy discharge. Chances of conceive is more during this period. You can check about your fertility after 2 week of your last menstrual cycle using basal temperature monitoring. During this period your body temperature decreases. It becomes 97 to 97.5 degree Fahrenheit. During ovulation your body temperature rises of .4 to .6 degree. You can measure it using basal thermometer. Your body temperature remains barely high during pregnancy. You need to check temperature in the morning before start any activities for accurate result. You may become pregnant after your ovulation. Many women may not identify pregnancy signs even for 15 days after ovulation.

    You can identify your pregnancy if you find some symptoms such as missed period, increased fatigue, repeated need to urinate, weakness, cannot sleep well, feel like fever, breast softness and mood swings, etc.

    Prepare yourself for pregnancy

    You need to prepare yourself regarding what to do and not to do during pregnancy. Once you know about your pregnancy, you should immediately consult your doctor and take advice for your healthy diet. You need to strictly follow that diet. Moreover, if you or your partner is habituated with smoking or drinking, you should avoid it for your baby. You should calculate your due date or you can ask doctor for your due date. Based on that, you can find weekly progress of your baby. You should prepare your healthy diet schedule, exercise schedule and other activities for your trouble-free pregnancy. Remember while doing exercise, you should consult your doctor to continue or start some other exercise as per your doctor’s guidance. Folic acid is very important during pregnancy. You should immediately start tablets of folic acid every day without missing as prescribed by your doctor.  You should also tale other vitamin supplements as suggested by your doctor.

    Pregnancy period is very long period. Many precautions and extra care is essential during this period. God has gifted you to bring some special one in this world. Therefore, you need to make it most blissful time and also most memorable time in your life. Enjoy your pregnancy from very first day, once you get aware of it. Try to keep all your tension away, think best, read best books and articles. You can find thousands of articles on pregnancy on internet; you can prepare yourself week by week for healthy growth of baby.1st and 2nd week of pregnancy

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