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    Saturday, April 19, 2014

    10 Risk Factors That Affect Pregnancy

    Being pregnant is not always the easiest of things but it surely is one of the most beautiful feelings of the world. Pregnancy is one thing that makes women complete, as the motherhood is one of the most important parts of a women’s life. However, there are few things that you must avoid during pregnancy to make sure that your baby is born healthy.

    No smoking

    The smoking is a bad habit for anyone and for pregnant women it’s surely to be avoided strictly. Any kind of active or passive smoking can be injurious to health of both the mother and the baby. Smoking can make it difficult for a baby to grow normally inside the mother’s womb.

    Alcohol is the worst

    Alcohol has some bad effects on human body and it’s a poison for pregnant women. You have to understand that if you are consuming alcohol during pregnancy then your baby is consuming it too and unlike you, the babies have no level of alcohol tolerance. It will harm them badly and that can cause many physical defects to the baby.

    Heavy exercises are bad

    Doctors always say that light exercises are good for pregnant women and the baby’s health. However, you must never try to take it too far and go for heavy exercises. The babies live in a very delicate situation in the mother’s womb and any kind of pressure can be really harmful for you and the baby.

    Stress is not good

    Physical and mental stresses both are really bad for to be mothers and the unborn babies. If you are pregnant then you must make sure that you are not doing stressful work. You must try to be tension free too. If you find it tough to maintain this then meditation can be the best solution for you, it will help you to relax your mind and remain stress free.

    No over the counter medicines

    Over the counter medicines are never good for your health when you are pregnant. If you have a headache then you have to ask your doctor what you should do rather than taking aspirin as that is too a over the counter medicine. You must not buy any medicine during pregnancy if your doctor has not prescribed it for you.

    Low cooked foods are to be avoided

    Low cooked food items, like sea food preparations, should always be avoided during pregnancy. You must also avoid food items with too much oil and spices. Controlling your appetite for junk food is very essential if you are pregnant. They can make you and the child ill and that is surely not the situation you want.

    Vitamin A supplements must not be consumed

    The vitamin A supply is required daily in our body but most of us have no issues with vitamin A deficiency. Over dosage of vitamin A can be toxic for the baby and you can face problems with your birth too. It can create defects in the baby too. This is why you must avoid the vitamin A supplements as much as possible.

    Avoid fish with mercury

    There are many fishes which can contain mercury and you must always avoid them. Mercury is very bad for unborn babies and it can cause brain damages too. Fishes like shark or tuna has mercury in them and they should be avoided completely. Your doctor will surely prescribe you a diet and you must follow it strictly.

    Stay away from caffeine

    The caffeine is present in coffee, tea and soda and it has addictive qualities. The coffee and tee are those drinks which have become parts of our everyday life but they can be harmful for the heart of your baby and the caffeine can become addictive to the babies.

    Cat litters are bad for you

    The cat is one animal that carries many different kinds of harmful germs and some of them can cause defective birth. If you have a pet cat then you must never change the cat litter yourself during pregnancy. It won’t be a bad idea to stay away from your pet cat during the pregnancy period.

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