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    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    How to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

    The only healthy nutrient supply for a just born is the mother’s milk. It is vital to take concern about how much milk is taken by the baby.

    If a mother had a lengthy break from nursing or if she feels the supply isn’t strong enough like before there are ample ways reform the supply of milk ranging from herbal therapy, prescription medication, nursing and pumping. It is observed that two to five percent of new mothers find lack of milk in the primary breast feeding stages.

    Here is plethora of ways to increase breast feeding;
    • Drinking lots of water to their thirst or fluids intake helps them from getting dehydrated. The symptoms of dehydration are weakness in muscles, headache, dry mouth and sometimes constipation and dark urine are the symptoms. So it is important for the mothers to understand their thirst level and carry a fluid to quench their thirst.
    • Take an advice of a doctor about the eating habits which might increase the milk production.Eating habits do have a effect on the breast feeding.
    • It is a natural symptom, a mother away from her baby or having restricted feeding habits alters the demand and supply of the milk. It is good for both if the mother and baby are close together and nursing the baby often increases breast feeding.
    • Stress and illness reduces milk production. Few Hormonal disorders like thyroid, pituitary imbalances, placental fragments or even cold or tiredness might lead to problems and would reduce supply.
    • Usage of herbal therapy gave positive feedback from mothers. Mother’s milk tea is an herbal tea which initiates high lactation, though the effects are meager they don’t have any side effects like the medications. Oatmeal has also shown increase in milk supply.  Blessed thistle is another herb which has medicinal effects. It often used along with fenugreek.
    • A careful attention should be given on positioning of the mother. Pain may creep inside the reflex if the nipples are sore or painful. Since this is unpleasant a mother would delay feeding. Usually sore nipples are due to tongue-tie or yeast. Thus the problem has to be corrected to increase the frequency of milk supply and nursing.
    • Prescription medication is another way to increase breast feeding.
    • Few natural brest feeding techniques should be used by the mother when she finds her baby not drinking but sucking or swallowing. The breast should be pressed with thumb on the top and other fingers on the bottom to help the baby suck the milk.
    • Good quality electric breast pump is used by few with pumping for few minutes before feeding will increase the milk flow.
    • Switch nursing technique should be followed. A baby sucks vigorously during the first few minutes and then gets tired soon and slows down. It is better to switch the breast when the sucking speed slows down. Since the flow of milk is proportional to the baby sucking speed, switching would help collect milk and later the feeding process can be done.  
    It is thus important for the mothers to take care of themselves and their child. The above mentioned methods would help improve feeding techniques for a healthy child.

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    1. Nice tips....the flow and quantity of milk are a major concern for every new mother. We spend so much time thinking about it. When I had my daughter 2 years back, I would ask people and read over the internet what to do to increase lactation.
      I followed these tips. Hope your readers will find them useful too: http://firsttimemommy.net/2013/12/17/breastfeeding-mama-are-you-milking-like-a-cow/


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