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    Tuesday, December 24, 2013

    Importance of Yoga During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy it is very important for mothers, to be fit so that her baby is also fit and healthy. To be healthy, not only a good diet plan should be followed but also a good exercise schedule needs to be followed. During pregnancy a woman undergoes not only physical but mental and psychological changes too. To maintain a balance between all these changes it is very important for the pregnant women to go for yoga and meditation as it not only helps you to keep fit but also calms you down mentally.

    Yoga is a very old form of exercise which was originated in India. It helps one maintain a perfect balance between mind and body. The positions in yoga are called asanas. The most important thing that should be kept in mind while doing yoga is your breathing.

    Yoga during pregnancy:
    Yoga is just like any other exercise, in fact safer and powerful than others. Pregnant women should be very carefulwhile doing it. They should not overstretch and some of the positions which are risky should be avoided.

    Yoga during pregnancy helps one reduce the labor pain and other aches. It makes the pregnant woman strong and adaptable to new conditions. Yoga also helps one to avoid gaining those extra kilos after delivery.

    Importance of Yoga and Meditation during pregnancy:
    Yoga has a lot of benefits both during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. Following are some of the benefits of yoga:

    Stress Buster : Yoga and meditation is a great stress buster. During pregnancy the woman undergoes many stressful moments but with the help of yoga pregnant women can get peace of mind and be less stressed.

    Maintain Weight : During pregnancy the diet of the mother all the nutritious things including lots of carbohydrates and fats. This makes the mother gain some extra kilos which become really difficult to get rid off. With yoga the mother can maintain her weight and enjoy a good diet as well.

    Complication free delivery : Studies have shown that the women who perform yoga during pregnancy face fewer complications compared to the ones who do not perform yoga. Yoga relaxes your body and lessens the complications which might otherwise occur. It also decreases the pain that the woman would suffer from during child birth.

    Increased Circulation : Yoga improves the blood circulation of the mother as well as the child. Proper blood circulation provides for the required nourishment needed by the child.

    Stronger Pelvic : During pregnancy the lower abdomen of a woman grows along with the baby. The growth causes stress in the muscles of the pelvic area which can be strengthened with the help of yoga.

    Thus it is recommended that pregnant women should go for yoga as it is good for mental, physical as well as psychological problems. Yoga calms down the otherwise anxious mother as a lot of things are going in her head which makes her stressed and affects the baby as well. Thus yoga and meditation are the best exercises for pregnant women.

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