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    Wednesday, March 06, 2013

    Tips to Help Kids to Make Friends

    Friends are the most important part of one’s life. With friends we have beautiful memories which we cherish throughout our lives. Friendship is the only relationship which we can choose our self as all the other relationships are already made. Sadly some children seem to have some problem in making friends and they end up being alone. The one’s without friends can be a real pain for their parents and often suffer from many personality problems like they are very introvert, shy and they hardly interact with others and remain alone for the rest of their lives.

    Parents should see to it that their children are open to others and make friends. If their child is facing any problem in making friends then they can help them in making friends so that their child does not feel alone and left out.

    Things parents can do to help their child make friends are:

    Encourage your Child to be Interactive
    Parents should encourage their children to be interactive and be active. The more your child interactswith others, more easily and quickly he will make friends. This will also help him develop a good personality.

    Host Parties
    Children love to party and have fun. Organize a small get together and invite all the friends of your child. By this they will spend some good time together and have some of the best memories that they will cherish throughout their lives.

    Get your child enrolled in a class
    Get your child enrolled in some dance or singing class depending upon his or her choice. This is the best way to give your child a chance to interact with others of his age and with the same interests. Often children who do not make friends at school find some real good friends in their hobby classes.

    Often children due to some or the other misunderstanding lose their friends and then they do not make any more friends. Parents should help their child to understand the role and responsibilities of a friend by setting some of the following examples.

    Learn to Accept things
    Often child when sees his parents complaining about some or the other stuff also becomes fussy. So it is the responsibility of the parents to see to it that they teach their children to accept things or change the things for their good instead of complaining.

    Have a Good Sense of Humor
    Children learn a lot from their parents and if parents have a good sense of humor then the child will also have a good sense of humor. Good humor helps a lot in making good friends and avoids ego clashes among friends.

    Be Kind
    Be kind towards others so that your child sees it and learns to be kind and caring. Do not speak rudely to anyone else your child will also learn the same things and this can prove fatal for his relationships.

    Learn to Apologize
    Teach your child that apology does not make anyone richer or poorer. In fact apologizing shows that you value your relationships more than your ego and this helps you develop better and stronger relationships.

    Thus if a child is facing problems in making friends then parents can help their child by doing small things for them and also by teaching them how to be good friends because making friends can be easy but maintaining your friendship is what requires your dedication.


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