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    Friday, February 01, 2013

    Tips to Get Pregnant With Diabetes

    Do you have diabetes? Or are you Diabetic and now you are pregnant? You probably know what its effect is on your health. But what if a woman decides to be pregnant besides the fact that she has diabetes? What would be the consequences of it during the course of the pregnancy period?

    Diabetes is a sickness or a condition in which our physical body can not transform sugars and starches (carbohydrates) it consumes and assimilates into energy needed by the body. It is either the body produces too little insulin it needs in the pancreas or cannot utilize the insulin it produces to transform those sugars and starches into energy. During such a situation, sugar gets collected in the blood and it increases its presence in blood (in quantity-wise). Too much sugar in the blood damages organs of the body, such as the heart, eyes, and kidneys, if it remains there for so long.


    Type I Diabetes : Astage or medical condition where in the pancreas does not produce any insulin or produces very little insulin that the body is unable to utilize blood sugar level required for energy. Type I Diabetes can be controlled with insulin shots taken on an everyday basis, diet, and exercise.

    Type II Diabetes : A stage or medical condition where in the body either makes too little insulin or cannot use the insulin made by the body which in turn does not produce blood sugar level required for energy. Type II Diabetes can be controlled through eating properly and following a strict diet and regular exercising. People with Type II diabetes must regularly take diabetes pills in order to maintain the right insulin levels.

    Gestational Diabetes : A type that is first seen in pregnant women. This type of diabetes can often be controlled through insulin shots or by regular intake of diabetes pills. In some cases eating a proper diet and exercising regularly can sometimes eliminate it. Often it has been seen that gestational diabetes diminishes after pregnancy, but sometimes it does not. A lot of women who have had gestational diabetes will later on develop Type II Diabetes. But, if a woman eats healthy food and follows a proper diet, along with regular exercises and monitors her weight, she might eliminate her chances of suffering from Type II Diabetes.

    So, you have Type I Diabetes or Type II Diabetes and you are pregnant or hoping to get pregnant then please do equip yourself with knowledge on how to have a healthy baby. You can also find out how you can take good care of yourself prior to, during, and subsequent to your pregnancy. Pregnancy and new parenthood are times of great pleasure, concern, and transformation for any woman. If you are suffering from diabetes and are expectant, your pregnancy is involuntarily measured at high-danger. Women carrying two or more babies or who are past a certain age are also measured to have high-danger during their pregnancy cycle. High danger doesn’t mean you’ll have problems; it usually means need to pay special attention to your health and you may need to see specialized doctors. Millions of high-danger pregnancies produce perfectly healthy babies without the mom’s health being affected. Special care and attention are the keys.

    Plan the pregnancy : The first major step to consider if you want to get pregnant but have diabetes is to plan it. Of course you will have to worry about the baby’s health and the fact that you want to have a healthy baby boy or girl. So, planning it out with your spouse, talking with your family and close friends and consulting your doctor would truly help. Planning a Pregnancy with Diabetes is wise and necessary for this matter. If you are diabetic person and are considering the option of getting pregnant, then there are a few steps to be followed in order to make certain about the health of the mother (with diabetes) and the baby she is going to deliver.

    Consult your doctor : Meet with your family doctor or gynecologist before becoming pregnant. Your doctor can help you to determine if your diabetes is controlled well enough for you to stop your birth control method or not.

    Urine test : Have your urine checked for diabetic kidney complications.

    Check your cholesterol : Check your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

    Eye test : Have an eye exam to screen for glaucoma, cataracts, and retinopathy.

    Counseling will help : Undergo pre-conception counseling.

    Counseling Before Getting Pregnant : Another important step for a woman who has diabetes and decides to get pregnant is to have counseling appointment with her gynecologist. Suggestions given by the doctors will help the woman to get a better understanding in this matter and she can in turn prepare herself emotionally and physically for pregnancy. Going to the doctor for advices also includes the following:

    Your weight should be evaluated : This means that you should do your best in maintaining the accurate weight as prescribed by your gynecologist.

    Some of your unhealthy lifestyle habit should be discussed and put aside : Unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking must be eliminated if the woman plans to have a healthy baby. The same has to be communicated with the woman’s spouse, family members as well.

    Prenatal vitamins : It is wise for a pregnant woman with diabetes to ask questions as what should be the proper vitamins she should be taking to prepare herself for the pregnancy. It should be noted that the woman’s health before pregnancy has repercussions on the baby’s health or with her as well.

    Blood sugar screening : Too much sugar in the woman blood can result to birth defects later on. There is a need for the woman to have a regular blood sugar screening and be monitored closely for any increase in blood sugar level so that proper actions can be done at the right time.

    Adjustments on your medications : It is important that your diabetes is continually treated during pregnancy. However your medications for the sickness need doctor’s regulation in order to avoid any effect on the baby.

    Do your meal planning : Pregnant women with diabetes should plan their eating habits or diet during pregnancy.


    1. Woman with diabetes can get pregnant but it may risk the baby.sometimes get heath complications both mother & baby.the best option to follow doctors he will give the perfect guide that diabetes prevent pregnancy.

    2. This wasn't really "tips" on how to get pregnant.. more just things to keep an eye out for when you decide to try. We have been trying, a1c is perfect, doctors gave me the "go-ahead" and it just hasn't happened yet. So unfortunately, this article and the tips it included doesn't help me.


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