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    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Top Ten Parenting Tips for Today Parents

    We agree that parenting a child is a huge task - surviving nine months of pregnancy, then the pain of labor, and later chasing your child through the crawling, feeding, toilet training stages - it's a lengthy experience indeed. But all this pain and agony disappears and a coat of excitement grips you when you first hear your baby calling you 'Mamma-Dada' or when your baby takes his very first step.

    Though parenting a newborn requires a large amount of effort and energy, the positive aspect of the reward you receive by watching your baby grow and develop is priceless. Today, we help each and every new parent by presenting a few tips ranging from child potty training to baby care, so that parenting becomes an (ever so slightly) easier task for you. 

    Potty can even take hours

    Don't get into high hopes when you take your child to eliminate the waste. Some kids may surprise you by doing this mechanism in minutes. Don't expect your child to do the same; your child can even take hours to eliminate his waste. Let him take his own time, and keep cool.

    Elastic waists are your baby's friends

    Make your child's dressing and undressing process simple and effortless. Many kids are uncomfortable with buttons and zippers, because it can be a time consuming affair and can make your baby frustrated when he wants to visit the bathroom. Hence, invest in elastic waist pants or shorts, until your child is comfortable with the buttons and swaps.

    Don't go overboard with technology

    You may be geeky when it comes to new technologies, but it can scare your child quite a bit. When you take your child to the bathroom, and there is an automated flusher installed, the loud noise may petrify your child. The fear can grip so deeply that he may never use the bathroom alone.

    More time with your child and less work

    If you want to get the required attention from your child then you too must dedicate time for your child. Focus on the things that make your baby happy. When you are with your baby, avoid multi-tasking as this can spoil your relationship with your baby.

    You might have to change a whole lot of bed sheets...

    Some kids take much longer to master the technique of staying dry overnight. In case your child wakes up wet, then don't yell at him, it is completely normal. The reason for him to wake up wet could be that he is in deep sleep. Just keep an extra set of bed sheet to let him sleep peacefully.

    You will make new friends

    You might have an endless list of good pals, but those friends may just end up being a peripheral group now. You don't choose your friends now, your child chooses friends for you. Nowadays, you will end up hanging with moms and dads of those children that your child met at the playground or playmates from school.

    Your living room will be messy

    Slowly when your baby grows up, you will jump with joy to see your baby rolling, crawling and then finally walking. But that peace of moment can turn into a nightmare when your baby becomes mobile.

    You will see your living room turn into a huge mess, when your child will suddenly turn into a mischievous monster. Suddenly you will see your closet empty and all the clothes on the floor, and whatever is within his reach will find its way to the floor and odd corners of the room.

    Keep calm, and don't forget to keep hazardous objects beyond your baby's reach.

    Your maternity leave will be tougher than the toughest work days

    You may plan your maternity leave by doing all last minute tasks at work and then feel like your vacation has just started on the last day before maternity leave begins. But you're in for a surprise. Your maternity leave is an incredible time to bond with your baby but it can be a little gruesome as well.

    When you are with your baby, everything turns out to be sweet

    There can be incredible sweet moments with your baby, even if you've just yelled at him. These moments are very special for each and every parent, who wishes to keep those memories alive forever. After a serious fight with your baby, your baby can make your day just by coming close to you, kissing your nose and gently whispering to you, 'I Love You'.

    And Finally...
    It is very important to be consistent because even up to the age of 12 years, children still would not understand those things that are exceptional to the rule and if you are not consistent, they will think that you are a liar.

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    1. Parenting is not an easy task. Every parent want their children will healthy and happy. All tips are very nice. You have explained very well. Thanks for sharing with us.


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