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    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    Top Ten Gifts for Your Wife on Wedding Day

    Loved ones and the friends of bride usually have a tough time during the wedding event. It does not mean that they find it annoying or distressing, but actually it means they have to go through some complex decisions. There are hundreds of different gifts which a bride gets on wedding day, this might confuse you out. But here I will try to help you out in choosing different gifts from our top 10 trustworthy gifts list.

    1. Slim Camera
    During wedding days bride needs to visit several different stores, sites and vendors and as a result it becomes to remember and compare the available options. You can gift any of the easy to carry yet a practical digital camera. It will become very easy to take snaps and organize the options in a systematic manner.

    2. Spa Certificate
    There are different types of gift certificates but you can gift your wife a spa certificate, which will help in unwinding from the wedding planning stress. It can include manicure and pedicure session also, which will make her glow on the big day. A long massage and facial treatment will make her glow on the wedding snaps.

    3. A Humorous Book
    During the wedding planning one needs to lower the level of stress and feel jolly. To induce this feeling in your wife you can present her any type of wedding comedy journals, books or dairies. If she is not much into reading then you can always try some good comedy movie based on wedding events or planning.

    4. Goodies Carrying Monogram
    You can get the name of your wife printed on different things, which you are planning to gift or she is planning to use after her wedding. You can even get the initials printed on jewelry boxes, slippers, towels or any other thing like that.

    5. Spending Some Good Time
    You can still feel youthful, funky and sexy after getting married. You can go to theatres, enjoy dancing, adventure parks and go to parties. It is always good to continue your life in lively manner.

    6. Honeymoon Gift
    You can always surprise her with a honeymoon gift. You can enclose the honeymoon package, tourist’s spots, a helpful book guide and any other essential element all in one.

    7. A Lingerie
    Girls love to show their body and get some positive admiration. Your wife will definitely look appealing in sexy lingerie. There are several other clothing options which you can try but this option is certainly a nice one.
    8.Holiday Decor
    If your wedding is close to any holiday you can give some special gifts, which can be sued by your wife later. All of those gifts will carry a special essence you can also get your names printed on the gift items.

    9. Engagement Memories
    Engagement memories can include all of the videos and pictures, which were taken during the process of wedding planning and engagement. During the wedding day pictures and videos are made normally but this idea will get very different and will serve as a good gift from your side.

    10. Introducing Your Family
    As she is going to be a part of new family, she will take some time to know all the members. You can make this task easy for her by creating a catalogue or a documentary about your family members and let your creative side emit all the ideas it can in this regard.

    Here we have discussed Top 10 Gifts for Your Wife on Wedding Day. Hope you like them and plan to carry out a few or even more to make your big day memorable one. I would like you to share any of your wedding experiences or ideas, which you think are different and unique.

    About the Author

    Angelena Hoy is an experienced blogger and working at Flowersable.com – which is responsible for delivering flowers on international level. There are many gifts meant for different occasions which convey the particular emotions. At Flowersable.com you can easily order the best gifts for your loved ones, by only making a few clicks.


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