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    Wednesday, January 09, 2013

    Tips To Become A Responsible Father

    Make yourself ready to become an Ideal Father Are you ready to welcome someone new in your family? How do you feel when you heard the first time that you are going to become father? Of course, just like life is full of happiness. Man equally feels great when he comes to knows that his wife is pregnant. There is no limit of his happiness. While woman get pregnant, responsibility of man, as a father increases in many ways. He should get ready for many responsibilities. Even though responsibility increases, man feels proud to become a father.

    As a Responsible Husband

    To become a father doesnot mean just the financial responsibilities, but it is more than this.....
    • As a father, you need to take care of your spouse during her pregnancy. Your positive attitude in life and good behavior is very important to keep your wife happy. You should always try to build cheerful atmosphere in your home.It is essential to keep pregnant woman happy, it makes a lot of difference in your baby’s health.
    • You should also help your wife in work by spending some good time with her. You can help in every possible work that you can like making tea and breakfast for your wife in the morning can make great feeling in your wife’s mind. If you can't help due to your job time, you can help her on holidays and when you are at home.
    • During pregnancy, woman feels stress, weakness and morning sickness. Mostly it occurs during first and third trimester of pregnancy. Your positive attitude will help in increasing the energy level of your wife and mood too. Every woman wishes for her husband’s support during pregnancy. Therefore, as a responsible husband it is your duty to spare maximum quality time with your wife.
    • To take her to the gynecologist for regular check up if possible for you. If you cannot take leave from your job, then atleast once in 2-3 months, you have to take a visit to the doctor with her to know about development of your baby and health of your wife.
    • You need to take care of her diet and keep a watch is she is taking her diet sufficiently. Also, take care about her medicine including vitamin supplements.
    • You can make her happy by bringing various fruits, vegetables or some healthy foods for her liking.
    • Your presence will definitely build confidence in your wife. At the time of due date of pregnancy, your wife needs your support more. It is the time that you need to give her support to build confidence and make her strong for physical and mental strength which she requires for labor and birth.
    As a Responsible Father
    • You need to be present at time of your wife’s delivery as she needs your support most during that time. Some men do not consider their presence during child birth important but your presence is very essential during birth of your child. Many men attend the birth of their child as it becomes lifetime memories for father and mother both.
    • You should not be possessive for sex of child, as some men like baby boy as their first child. Such feeling hurts mother very much. Therefore, accept what god gives you. You should accept it as god’s gift.
    • When you hear that you have become father of baby boy or girl, it gives lots of happiness and your eyes get eager to watch your baby.
    • As a father, you should keep yourself ready for changing nappy, preparing milk for baby in midnight or early morning, wake up in the night while baby is crying and many more things.
    • You should also take responsibilities in taking proper care of your baby. Your baby needs love of father and mother both.
    • Child that gets love and support from mother and father can grow up naturally and get more confidence in comparison to child growing up under the support of a single parent.
    • You should increase your financial strength because when baby comes in your life, all your expenditures also increases simultaneously. You should accept all challenges happily.
    To become a father is an indeed a great moment for every man. You should enjoy your new designation, a father. Try to give your spouse and baby all pleasure in life to make your life full of joy. To become an ideal father is not an easy task, but at the same time if you wish, then surely it is not that much difficult. You can get a chance to live your childhood life again. Enjoy your childhood again… be a great father.


    1. Im Currently a father expecting Twins! Thanks for the tips. Very Useful :)

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    2. The father should be responsible for the child's growth and proper care.
      1. He must take all the responsibilities starting from delivery of the child.
      2. The point that the child should grow in both the lap of his mother and father should be strictly followed for mental as well as physical development of the child.
      3. The father should understand the major requirements of his child too.
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    3. Everyone is entitled to be one so must we appreciate


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