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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Tips on Teen Dating for Parents

    Teen dating becomes a tough challenge for the parents when teenagers grow up and go out alone with a friend. Parents are really worried about the fact what their kids do in their absence.

    Teens need to evaluate themselves before dating someone

    Teens also need to analyze themselves before they start dating with someone. They should evaluate their special skills and interests. They should also try to explore their personality and positive attitude.

    Now they are also enough mature for taking their own decisions. Parents have to be extra careful at this stage as teens may select negative belief that can spoil his life. A teen with strong positive beliefs is less susceptible to negative influences.

    Dating Tips for Parents
    • Parents play a very important role in making their teen more sensible and responsible. Parents should teach their teen how to handle stress and praise. You should also praise your teen for his skills and make them feel that you are really proud ofthem.
    • Also set some boundaries for your teen so that he can maintain his self respect. Parents should not feel hesitant in admitting their mistakes and they should be accessible for 24 hours for their teens. Share your experiences, values with the teens and also encourage them for making good friends.
    • Parents should meet with the teen’s date for getting an idea about his nature or attitude. This may be old fashioned but quite relaxing for you. Also confirm the evening plan from your kid and get an idea where they want to go for a date. Suggest them to go for a dinner and movie that would be safe for them.
    • You should not hesitate in discussing about sex with your teen. Explain every fact clearly that your child wants to know from you. Most commonly teens get the knowledge about sex from their friends and they hesitate in discussing about this to their parents.
    • It is also necessary to stay in contact with your teen when he is on a date. Keep asking him when he would be back at home. Instead of giving lecture you should be frank with your teen. Establish a strong emotional relationship with your teen so that he could discuss every fact with you. This strong relationship makes life easy for you and your child.
    • Tell your child frankly that sex is not mandatory along with date. There is no problem in saying no to sex if you are not comfortable with kissing and hugging. Every teen should give priority to his values instead of following up the sex facts. Parents should communicate openly with their kids and offer help and advice whenever they require. Open communication makes your teen frank and more honest with you.
    • Parents should also discuss the right age of date and sex with their teens. Also explain the rules and disciplinary values in advance. These all facts help in making a healthy relationship with your teen.

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