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    Saturday, January 26, 2013

    Pre Pregnancy Checkups

    You should change your diet and life style at least three months before you want to conceive a healthy baby. For this purpose, it is necessary to consult your health expert for a better diet plan. Doctors also suggest pre pregnancy checkups in order to confirm some medical health problem. Some hospitals provide these checkups at free cost.

    Medical History
    If you want to go for a pre pregnancy checkup then don’t forget to explain your eating habits and exercise routine to your health expert. Also explain medical disorder like diabetes or high blood pressure if any for a proper medical treatment. Some contraception pills are not good for the health of a lady and they affect the pregnancy rate in future. You should also give complete information about contraception pills and miscarriages for an effective and fast medical treatment.

    Cervical smear This is a pre pregnancy checkup that is usually done before 3 to 6 months of pregnancy. Once you have given birth to a baby then this checkup cannot be done for next six months.

    Analyzing Urine
    Urinary tract infection can result into miscarriage, premature delivery or other pregnancy complications. It is advisable to go for a stool test before getting pregnant and take a proper medical treatment in case of urinary tract infection.

    Blood test
    It is necessary to go for a blood test for confirming anemia or blood related abnormalities. These abnormalities can also affect your baby adversely. It would be better to prefer a proper medical treatment for conceiving a healthy baby in future.

    Analyzing blood pressure related issues
    The women that are suffering from high blood pressure problem are more susceptible to develop placental problem in the new born baby. It is necessary to place a check at the blood pressure related issue for conceiving a healthy baby.

    Screening tests
    These tests help in confirming AIDS or hepatitis B problems. Most of the doctors recommend this screening test for avoiding any future complication. Number of modern medical treatments is available for treating these screened problems like AIDS or hepatitis B.

    Analyzing immunization records
    A quick blood test can give you information about serious disease like rubella that can result into miscarriage or other birth defects in the new born baby. It is necessary for a woman to follow a proper medical procedure for treating this disease before making any final decision of getting pregnant.

    Parasitic diseases
    Parasitic diseases are not dangerous for adult children but it can adversely affect a new born baby. This disease spreads through pets like cat and dog. It is advisable to stay away from pets when you want to become pregnant. These pets are also dangerous during your pregnancy.

    Folic Acid test
    Folic acid is a mandatory requirement for conceiving a healthy baby. Don’t forget to make a folic acid test before getting pregnant. If your folic acid level is low then consult your doctor and ask for proper diet that can regain your folic acid level. Special supplements are also available in the market for increasing folic acid level in the body but these supplements should not be taken without consulting your health expert.

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