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    Saturday, January 05, 2013

    How to Use Ovulation Predictor Kits

    Often many women face problems in conceiving and getting pregnant. To avoid this problem it is very important for a woman to have knowledge about her most fertile days. Strangely only four days in a month are the most fertile days during which the woman can conceive easily. These four days are the 12th day after your menstrual cycle to 16th day.

    It is not easy to know about your ovulation period and so there are many such kits which help you know the time of your ovulation. Such kits are called Ovulation Prediction Kit. An ovulation predictor kit consists of some sticks; they are similar to the ones which you get in the pregnancy detection kits. Ovulation prediction kits detect LH (Luteinizing Hormone) in your urine. If it detects a considerable amount of LH then it means that it is your most fertile period. The kits are of two types:

    Urine based kit: Gives its results based on urine and checks of LH level.

    Saliva based kit: Gives its results based on the saliva and checks for oestrogen level.

    How an Ovulation Predictor Kit works:

    An ovulation predictor kit consists of two types a midstream strip or a test strip. While a test strip has to be dipped inside your urine contained in a box, the midstream test strip has to be placed in the flow of your urine. You will also get a control band and a result band which will have to be compared to each other to know the results. After the urine test has been done the results on the strip appear within 5 to 10 seconds and then the color on the control band has to be matched to that on the result band. The darker the result on the control band the closer you are to your ovulation period.

    When to use Ovulation Prediction Kits:

    Ovulation Prediction kits can be used in the following cases:
    • If the woman is finding it difficult to conceive then she can use this kit to know about her ovulation period and then can have sex during ovulation period to conceive easily.
    • If the couple doesn’t have enough time to have sex due to difficult and busy schedule then they can use these kits to know about their most fertile days and can sex during these days to conceive easily.
    • If you are suspicious that ovulation is taking place or not and do not want to consult anyone else then you can use these kits to know about it as it maintains your privacy.
    Important things to remember:

    Using these predictor kits is not harmful and gives quite accurate results yet you should consult a doctor if you are on drugs containing high amount of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) as it affects the test. The salivary tests are not as accurate as the urine test and thus cannot be taken as the only result. On the other hand the urine tests even though are very accurate yet they are not foolproof. Thus it is recommended that the doctor should be consulted to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.

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