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    Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    How to Make Sure Kids have Healthy Eyes

    There is nothing more precious than your eyesight and you need to look after it no matter how old you are. We often take for granted the things that seem so natural to us. The ability to see is a special gift which most of us get to experience. Yet, once this gift is gone or is damaged then we realize how pivotal eyesight is when enjoying the little pleasures of everyday life and how difficult seemingly easy tasks can be without it.

    The myth

    A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that you should only begin to care for your eyes once you get older. This is a myth. Problems relating to vision can occur at any age. If you only begin to look after your eyes when you get older, then unfortunately the damage could already be done by then, and thus it will be a case of; too little too late. As a parent it is your duty to ensure that your kids’ eyes are healthy whilst they are growing up and thus you need to adhere to your responsibility and make sure that this is the case.

    Regular eye examinations

    Regular eye checkups for children are essential. After all, if you think about it; children develop at a much quicker rate and thus if there is something wrong with their vision it can spring on them a lot quicker than you may imagine.

    By taking your child for regular routine eye examinations you can ensure that any problem which occurs is dealt with quickly and effectively so that it does not worsen. Moreover, even if your child’s eyesight is perfect, a regular checkup is something which gives you peace of mind and that in itself is worth it.

    Contact lenses for children

    Contact lenses can be worn at any age and thus you should be open to the idea of your child wearing them. A lot of parents don’t want their kids putting things in their eyes from such a young age. And whilst that is understandable, it is also worth noting that for one; the sooner they get used to them the better.

    Moreover, your child may not want to wear glasses and may take them off whenever out of your eyesight. However, when wearing contacts nobody will be able to tell and thus you can ensure that you are protecting your child’s vision at all times and thus their health. Although everyone knows it shouldn't be the case, glasses can make children feel low in confidence, and thus contact lenses are a great alternative.

    Make sure you tell your child about their contact lenses

    It is important that your child knows about his or her contact lenses; how they work and how they should be used safely. Make sure your little one is aware of the importance of never swapping or sharing contacts with anyone else. Make sure that they do not have any makeup on before putting their contacts in, and that they do not use any other contact solution other than the one you have provided them with.

    To conclude, the importance of looking after your child’s vision is something which cannot be underestimated. If your child needs something to enhance their eyesight then you should consider the prospect of buying contact lenses. They provide better optics, are much more cost effective and are likely to be well received in comparison to glasses.

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