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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Getting Pregnant In 40s

    Many pregnant women in their 40s often could be the outcome of those scenes where getting children may have been forfeited for pleasures in the relationship or even working on some high caliber institutions that did not require or did not provided adequate support to mothering children. Most women at the age of 45 are impossible to get pregnant using their own eggs and so they may require additional assistance from the doctors so that in the long run they will be able to get the baby of their own desire. Although many women are using fertility drugs while others do not use them at this age. The fact still remain that there are some benefits which will be enjoyed by the mother and the baby.

    Mentally prepared to welcome the baby:
    One of the biggest benefits to the mother is that she has waited enough to get a baby and thus this now becomes the best and precious moments which will be received with a lot of joy in the home. The mother has seen enough in the world, she has enjoyed all the pleasures of the world and most probably she has undergone life experiencewhere baby problems crossed her eyes and she is in a good position to handle a baby without any ambiguities at all.

    Economically stable:
    The mother in most cases is more stable in finances and so all the arrangements for the baby will be made in a precise manner so that the baby will find the best surrounding to be in with the family.

    No issues with the spouse:
    However, the mother at this stage may have spend enough time with her spouse and now she can go on to live with him in a very mutual manner; there will be very few problems among them and so the baby’s life and wellbeing will be supported by both of them in an organized manner. According to past studies older mothers tend to have more mothering abilities than the younger ones as they are better educated to care for the new born compared to the younger ones in their 20s. Furthermore they even go on to breastfeed their children longer compared to those younger ones who feel like the baby will be robbing them of their sweet tit shape that help them keep the usual touch desired of them by the age group.

    Cautious about their diet:
    Such mothers also go on to have healthy diets and so they have no extremes as concerns any activity because they have enough experience of all the habits which they have already undergone. Such extremes may end up damaging the mothering process and here it is not a problem at all now that they can have the best control of what they want.

    Added benefits at workplace:
    Mothers who give birth while in the workplace tend to resume much faster to their normal duties in the workplaces and homes without having to be given more time to rid off the pain or any other effect from the delivery. Also at this age mothers will be having more connections and trust from their employers and so coming back for such attachments including part time work will be much easier as this will be based on experience and all the endurance they have undergone in the same company.

    Maturity at this age proves to be fruitful:
    Couples at this kind of age are also concerned by the children and they tend to concentrate more on them and avoid any distraction or obstacles such as finances. They now have enough money to use and so financial pressures are not there and so they can arrange anything at their own pace without any ambiguities at all. Parents here prefer to work lesser hours compared to the younger generations who still want more money in life as they have experienced much in life. Mothers also tend to have lower parenting pressures and in playing their role because they take things easy and hence they are to calm in any scenario.


    Low fertility rate:
    On the other hand mothers at this age also go on to experience low chances of getting pregnant because the number of the eggs decline greatly according to the aging which continued. Also the number of eggs produced may have higher chances of getting chromosomal defects which go on to raise miscarriages to the mothers in their pregnancies. At earlier ages of forty, they have higher chances of having eggs with better viability compared to the later ages of forty which present eggs with low viability rates.

    Many complications associated:
    Pregnancy complications may develop at higher rates simply because the mother’s health is not that vibrant because now it may demand a certain class of diet to be maintained which would then be against the wishes of healthcare expert providing guidance and support to the pregnant mother. Problems may include complications such as placental problems, high blood pressure, birth complications and also diabetes could be experienced at this age. Premature babies may be delivered by the mothers and so this will make the baby to have lower weights than normal ones.

    Should be aware for their own case histroy:
    In addition, mothers are supposed to practice a lot of educational scenes so that they will ensure that they are still in the bracket of giving birth and also to avoid such unexpected extremes or happenings such as discovering that they cannot give birth now as they could have prepared and waited for long for the chance to come. Mothers must therefore learn their fertility history so that wishes may not be placed in a dry well and also so that they will avoid growing old while losing the chance of the pregnancy occurring at earlier ages. Also they must avoid any extremes in life such as using drugs and limiting their diets so that they can fit a social class of people in the society. If they find out that fertility is low then they should go on to seek all kind of treatments from the healthcare professionals so that they may now engineer and direct their energies into eating and living healthily in the home. Finally they must learn how undergo de-stress so that they are able to minimize all their worries in their lives.

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