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    Thursday, January 03, 2013

    Top Ten Ideas for a Tom and Jerry Themed Children's Party

    Holding a themed party is a great way to let other people share your passion. Celebrate your special occasion with a popular theme. Here are some ideas to make your party a success.

    1. Party invitations

    A few weeks before the party, send out some themed invitations. You could even design your own with a computer package, or if you are more artistic than technical, you could make the invites by drawing or sticking the characters on.

    2. Decorations

    Why not try and get some Tom and Jerry balloons? You could also put up some streamers, place paper tablecloths on the table and hang some banners. Choose bright colours such as red, blue and yellow to give a real cartoon feel to the room.

    3. Cat and mouse shaped food

    Use cookie cutters to cut out cat and mouse shapes in sandwiches, biscuits and cakes. You could also make red and blue jelly in cat and mouse shaped moulds. As your centrepiece, include a cake with red and blue icing and pictures of Tom and Jerry, if you can. Of course, your party would not be complete without Jerry's favourite food - cheese.

    4. Cheese games

    You could hold a cheese-eating contest, in which guests can only eat pieces of cheese with their mouth - no hands! Alternatively, you could test your guests' cheese knowledge with some cheese tasting. You could even blindfold them and ask them to guess which cheese they were eating.

    5. Cat and Mouse

    This is like the game of tag, except one player is the Cat and the rest are Mice. Designate one or more areas of the room into Mouse Holes, a place where the Mice are safe and the Cat cannot get them!

    6. Relay races

    Divide your guests into two teams - the Tom team and the Jerry team. Members of each team take it in turns to race to the other end of the room and back. The winning team is the one to have all its members cross the finishing line first.

    7. Pin the Tail on Tom

    This game is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but with Tom instead of the donkey. One guest is blindfolded and spun around to make them dizzy and then has to try to stick Tom's tail back on. Of course, this could also be played with Jerry's tail instead of Tom's.

    8. Tom Says or Jerry Says

    Just like Simon Says, but with our favourite cartoon characters instead. One person calls out simple instructions, such as "jump on one leg", "spin around" or "sit on the floor". The catch is that participants should only carry out that instruction if it begins with "Tom says" or "Jerry says". The person to get an instruction wrong takes the first person's place and calls out instructions.

    9. Watch cartoons

    After a tiring day playing games and eating food, why not let your guests relax by watching some cartoons? If you have a collection of them, you could ask guests to vote on their favourite and play the one that has the most votes.

    10. Party bags

    Other than a slice of your delicious cake, you could also send your guests home with some themed stationery; stickers, notepads, pencils and pens are all good gifts. By leaving your guests with a themed souvenir, you can be sure that they will remember your party for a long time to come!

    These ideas should have you throwing the party of the year. Good luck!

    About the Author:

    CJ is a children's party organiser with a passion for cartoons. She writes regularly for websites and blogs extensively about lifestyle and fun activities

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