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    Friday, January 04, 2013

    Five Types of Children Beds

    Would you like to go for some new kinds of beds for your children this Year? If you search in the markets, there are arrays of options which are available in the market. Before choosing for different kinds of beds you should consider pondering about a few points- the first being that what kind of a bed would be suitable for your child and what exactly are you looking for. It is very important that youknow about the different styles of beds which are available in the market as there are lot of options to choose from. Some of the latest designs which are in trend are
    • The Captain beds which are higher than a standard bed consisting of storage places and a bed underneath as well.
    • Mid sleeper beds which help to save space with a den below.
    • Bunk beds for children - They help to save a lot of space and also help to store the unnecessary things that a child may not regularly require.
    • High sleeper beds which are beds approximately 130 - 150 cms above the ground- these bedsalso helps to save spaces and they also comprise of drawers and cabins underneath so that thing can be stored in it.
    • Customary Single Beds and beds of the traditional style - these beds which take up a lot of space are usually suited for big rooms.
    Captain beds and traditional beds are appropriate for kids of any age. Cabin beds are for children who are above 4 years of age whereas bunks and high sleepers are for children who are over 6 years of age.

    You being a parent will know best about your child, his likes and dislikes and preferences. Tryknowing about your child’s preferences and then choose accordingly.

    Traditional beds are the normal beds which are suited for the standard room sizes whereas for a small child’s room the best bed would be a high sleeper, bunk bed or a mid sleeper bed.

    As time advances your child’s likes and dislikes also tend to change. They would like to start with a single bed and down the line they would like to transfer to a bunk bed or a sleeper where they can climb up by themselves.

    Safety measures

    Before buying different kinds of beds one should consider the pros and cons of buying the bed. Ifyou are going for the cheaper brands of bed, you need to be conscious that they will not be able to manage too much weight. An expensive brand will definitely have the power to last long and will be durable enough. They will also help to protect your child from falling from heights because of the strong railings that are affixed beside it. Also try out the mattresses before buying the bed. Before buying the bed it is advisable to try out the bed once before gifting it to your child.

    These are the different options that one can chose from while selecting a bed this new year. Each bed has its own particular designs which one may like and try consulting with your child before buying the same.

    About the Author:

    The above article is composed by AJ who is an expert writer for kids and family. She recommends beds for sale this new year for the best beds buys for your kids. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her twins

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