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    Tuesday, November 06, 2012

    Things To be Avoided During Pregnancy

    There are certain activities which are to be avoided when one is pregnant, because a woman does not only have to see to her security but also the young one growing within her. Here are certain things, rather activities which one should avoid during pregnancy.

    • Avoid being around people who smoke and avoid smoking yourself.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol, because this might cause congenital birth defects.
    • Avoid consumption of drugs, it may cause nervous problems and physical malformations in the growing fetus.
    • Avoid consuming too much of caffeine, because this might lead to baby contracting diabetes.
    • Avoid Ice-skiing or water skiing that might be your favorite sports as it puts you in the risk of falling down.
    • Avoid Pressurizing water sports such as “scuba diving” as this might create bubbles in the blood stream and the blood pressure might go high and affect you and the child badly.
    • Avoid vigorous jogging and running as it can create pressure on the joints..
    • Avoid Jacuzzis and sauna baths: It is said that raising the temperature of your body might increases the chances of birth defects.
    • For the same reason Jacuzzis and sauna baths should be avoided an ayurvedic treatments should also be avoided, especially acts of body massage which heats up body.
    • Avoid adventurous sports like mountain climbing, bungee jumping, hiking etc. as these are forceful and require a lot of effort.
    • Avoid strenuous exercises: Joining a gym is not a bad idea, as far as you are not going for exercises which are strenuous.
    • Avoid the yoga postures that might not be suitable of you. Take advice from people whom you think are capable of telling you what is to be done and what not.
    • Swimming can be a good way to keep you fresh in summers and even fit. But be careful that the water is hygienic and be careful of slippery floor in changing rooms.
    • Avoid raw food as cooking food kills germs which spread infection. Seafood such as oyster, shellfish, mussels etc. should be cooked and then consumed.
    • Avoid the contact with reptiles: Try not coming in contact with reptiles. Turtles, snakes, lizards etc, the virus through them is spread through their faeces.
    • Avoid supplements of vitamin A. They generally have a tendency of causing birth defects.
    • Avoid contacts with the x-rays. They are fairly small but cause immense harm in the early stages of pregnancy.
    • Avoid strong chemicals like pesticides.
    Here are certain precautions which should be strictly followed by the pregnant women.

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    1. Hello .
      Very useful article , please let me to explain some facts regarding sex during pregnancy . Although Most of us having this question , only few people are talking about this ,In normal pregnant, having sex is quiet normal ( Please note the term Normal pregnancy ) . it does not mean that you should have sex during pregnancy . most women find that they lost their sexual drive during pregnancy


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