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    Saturday, November 03, 2012

    Important Things To Do Before Get Pregnant

    The moment when you decide to have a baby is the best part of your life and brings your better half come closer to you than ever. It’s the biggest decision of your life and so you should follow certain things that are mentioned below before you take that big step and get pregnant.

    1. Weigh yourself:
    It can be problematic for you if you are underweight as ovulation can be affected with this and also it can increase chances of diabetes or high blood pressure in the body. So gain some extra kgs before you get pregnant so as to be safe in all respects.

    2. Love to walk and travel around:
    Go around and travel as much as you can before you are pregnant. Enjoy a good vacation with your hubby before you conceive as you might not be allowed to roam around when you are pregnant.

    3. Get your medicines checked:
    Pregnancy is the period when some medicines might suit you and some might not. So try to consult a physician or a doctor before you get pregnant so that the medicines you take might not affect the health of your baby.

    4. Pre Pregnancy checkups are must:
    Go for a check up before you get pregnant and get all sorts of blood tests done. Your doctor will be able to tell you then, what all vaccinations are required for your body at this time. The vaccinations that are made up of live viruses are dangerous for the baby during the pregnancy period and may even prove to be fatal. You should also get yourself immunised against chicken pox before you conceive.

    5. Quit Smoking and drinking:
    Quit smoking and drinking, as it increases the chances of your baby getting prone to mental as well as heart problems.

    The time when you decide to get pregnant can be very motivating to you, as you can decide to quit these two habits very easily for the sake of your baby. You will also be shocked to know that the sperm count in a man’s body get lowered with excessive smoking and drinking and you surely don’t want that to happen and so this can be a reason to make your husband leave such habits.

    6. Go for genetic tests:
    The genetic tests may explain you the hierarchy of genetic problems that your family has been facing and which your baby is likely to get when he is born. Go to counsellor and he will suggest you certain tests that you should go for before getting pregnant.

    7. Increase your intake of folic acid:
    Intake of folic acid lowers the birth defects such as spina bifida to a great extent in your baby. 400 mcg of folic acid per day is recommended before you conceive and 600 mcg per day, when you have conceived. Take in green food besides the folic acid capsules as a lot of vitamin B is found in green food.

    8. Get your house painted:
    Before the commencement of those nine months you can get your house or room painted because the paints, pesticides, oven cleaners, etc. contain toxins and different chemicals that can adversely harm the baby and may also lead to various birth defects.

    9. Financial Planning :
    Before you get pregnant just make sure that you have enough bank balance than can cater all your maternity needs. If you are a working woman, just try to get a paid maternity leave for yourself so that your budget does not get displaced from its position. Also you can check your health insurance and ensure whether it covers prenatal care and testing and also the child’s birth.

    10. Get adventurous:
    If you are fond of deep sea diving, back horse riding, water skiing, sky diving etc., then do it before you get pregnant as those nine months will forbid you from going for any such adventure activity. Go for it and have great fun and enjoy the fun of floating in the air.

    11. Hair colouring should be reduced:
    Get your hair coloured before you get pregnant and then every trimester of your pregnancy as it will reduce the harm that the hair colour can cause to your baby.

    12. Visit your Dentist:
    If your dental hygiene is poor, then it can increase bacterial infection risk in your body and might lead to preeclampsia and premature birth. X-rays are not recommended during pregnancy time so avoid them after you conceive and get a complete dental check up before the 9 months span starts.

    These were the 12 most important tips that you should follow before you get pregnant as they will always keep you and your baby safe and will prevent the maximum number of complications that might occur if proper care is not taken.

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