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    Tuesday, November 06, 2012

    How to Handle the Attention Seeking Child

    An attention seeking kid can constitute a serious headache for the parents. Oftentimes you find such kids seeking attention in diverse ways especially through their incessant demands and actions. An attention seeking child may say “Mommy, come and see the marks I made in school today”. As the mom tries to succumb, the child may also say; “Mom, where’s my tea cup”. The demands may go on and on. The child expects the Mom to give him or her attention all the time. This can constitute serious problems not only for the mom but also for the Dad and the entire household.

    Well, the truth is that, an attention seeking child can be properly handled. All you need is to follow the tips discussed below.
    • You need to know the reason behind such attention seeking behaviors before you can adequately tackle them. First of all, you must know as a parent that it’s normal for a child to seek approval and attention. However, this could be a problem when it happens all the time. A child may misbehave just to get attention. The attention may also be positive or negative. Just bear in mind that it’s in the very nature of most kids to seek attention. This helps you to know how best to tackle such issues
    • As a parent, you must never encourage such attention seeking behaviors all the time. Make it a point of duty not to respond to the child calls all the time. You can attend to the most important needs. This re-aligns the child to sit up.
    • Learn to strike a balance between the attention you give the child and your busy schedules. Learn to have time with your child at some points in a day in order to attend to his or her needs. This minimizes the attention seeking behavior gradually.
    • Do not always pity the kid by responding to every of his or her demands. Sometimes, you can nag or tease the child instead of responding to all demands. This repositions him or her to quit seeking attention all the time.
    • Attend to the kid’s positive and necessary demands and then ignore the negative ones. This corrects the child a lot.
    • Always appreciate good behavior each time your child shows that. Reprove him or her for bad behaviors.
    • Never neglect a kid seeking attention in some sensitive matters. You have to attend to such issues and at the same time correct the child in a lovely way whenever he or she misbehaves.
    In all, just bear in mind that it’s in the nature of kids to seek attention. The only problem is that sometimes, they make negative demands in the name of seeking attention. Don’t be totally engrossed in your work without giving attention to your kid. This can constitute lots of problem for the child as he or she grows up. By carving out quality time to stay with the child, he or she will begin to learn how to make the right demands when necessary.

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