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    Friday, November 02, 2012

    Healthy Diet for To Be Mother

    For any woman, pregnancy period is the most precious time in life. It is more important when she becomes pregnant for the first time. During nine months of pregnancy, she can make all wonderful efforts to conceive a healthy and intelligent baby. During pregnancy or planning a baby, it is most essential for mother to become healthy. She should follow healthy diet in her daily meal.

    Pregnant Woman must Eat
    Follow a diet is depending on your body weight. It is very important to take balance diet as per your weight. If you are overweight, then you should avoid food that contains fat to maintain unnecessary increase of calories. If you are underweight, then you need to put on some weight. You can eat as per your capacity, but always remember do not keep your stomach overloaded.
    Some important tips to prepare perfect diet schedule. You need to take care of your health from first day of your pregnancy. Iron, Calcium and Folic Acid is the basic necessity in your daily meal.
    • Fresh vegetables such kale, broccoli, leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. and green vegetables are good source of folic acid.
    • Fresh fruits, it is helpful to take atleast 2 cup fruits daily. You can take banana, orange, apple, dried apricots or peaches or you can also take fruit juices.
    • Starchy foods like potatoes, whole grains, one bread slice, 1 cup cereal, half cup of cooked rice, pasta, brown rice and fortified cereals contain folic acid.
    • Proteins like fish, egg, meat for non-vegetarian and beans, pulses, nuts, peas for vegetarians.
    • Food contains calcium like fat free milk or yogurt. You can also take low fat cheese. 3 cup of milk everyday is essential. You can take calcium fortified foods or lactose free milk product if you don’t like milk.
    • Nuts are also considered as healthy diet. You can take five ounce of nuts during a weak. Try some less fat nuts like almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts [unsalted] with good nutrients.
    • Other additional vitamin supplements are folic acid and vitamin D, which is must for every pregnant woman.
    You can control your weight by avoiding fat-free and sugar free food. You can measure calories of your food and check that which food contains how many calories. Thus you can control your weight and maintain your diet accordingly.

    Avoid during Pregnancy
    Some foods to avoid during pregnancy are:
    • Some amount of Vitamin A is essential, but access amount is harmful your baby. Therefore, avoid liver products and vitamin tablets of vitamin A.
    • Avoid uncooked egg, meat, soft cheeses, raw fish, un-pasteurized milk and food that contain raw eggs.
    • Avoid caffeine such as tea, coffee and chocolates as it increases risk for miscarriages.
    Protections against infections
    You need to take precaution if you are not immune.
    • If you are planning for a baby, then rubella vaccine is advisable to take under guidance of your doctor. If you take rubella, you should avoid pregnancy for three months. You should take blood test and check for your immunity before getting pregnant.
    • Protects yourself from food poisoning. You should eat hygienic food and mineral drinking water to protect yourself from bacteria and germs. Wash your hand before eat.
    Important Things
    • You should have full [pre-pregnancy] blood test for diagnosis of disease if any such as diabetes, hepatitis B, HIV, etc.
    • If you have any problems such as dental related or any other, when you consult your doctor, you should inform them about your pregnancy and take medicine under guidance of your gynecologist.
    For pregnant woman, healthy living, healthy environment and healthy diet are very important. Born a healthy child is the first step towards building healthy society.Therefore, as a mother always try to keep yourself healthy for bringing happiness in your life with arrival of healthy baby.

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    1. Pregnant women need a lot of care and attention. As the baby gets its nutrition from the mother so it is very important to eat a healthy diet. The would be mother should take balanced diet according to her body weight. Alcohol and smoking must be avoided as they have adverse effects.


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