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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Getting Pregnant in 30s

    Many women at the age of thirty tend to enjoy the kind of surrounding they have since it becomes the happiest ages for nice motherhood. At this age they are more secure in their relationships and also in their careers which tend to keep them busy with nice package that improves their disposal income in their homes. Due to this amounts of income they become the best basis for starting a family now that all the basic needs of a family will be catered for in an adequate manner. Further still both husband and the woman have had enough adventures in the world and now it becomes the right time for them to settle down and attempt to leave a mark on their world by deciding to have a baby.

    Decline in fertility rate:
    However, this age of 30 may not be good to women in some cases because as the age continue to go up their ability to give birth tend to decrease over time and this brings out the challenge that the mothers’ lifestyle is inversely proportional to the ability of getting pregnant. Due to this reduction in fertility levels as the years goes by mothers are supposed to be cautious if they want to sire more than one child in their lives. They must not wait too long while enjoying the pleasures of the world with all the money to spend around; this must be taken seriously because the baby will also require a lot of care and so the mother must not wait until all the passion is lost.

    Striking a balance at workplace:
    For many women at this age having a child may mean interrupting a high caliber career that requires more attention and so adequate arrangements must be made so that the prospect of getting a child does not affect the kind of responsibilities at work place. However, most mothers at this age have enough money to spend in their homes compared to their ages of early 20s because now their careers are at their best ages of life capable to make them earn more allowances and other benefits attached to them. Therefore mothers must be cautioned not to be negative towards getting a child at this age by avoiding as much as possible the view that this child is like going to rip off all the progress she had in the workplace.

    Planning the yearly budget cautiously:
    At this age finances matter a lot and women must take very good look into their ways of spending and all those incomes which come in to offset the payments which awaits every end of the periods such as monthly or yearly. However, early plans must be instituted so that the mother must be able to predict the expenses which will be met when the baby is on the way to live with them. Issues such as credit card payment and also repayment of loans must be considered so that adequate arrangements can be made in order to contain the baby from drying them out from all the savings they had. Expenses which have variable prices in the market must be moderated to such levels cheaper to them even though this may look as if they are losing touch of the usual class of living they had and also the social status which prevailed before the baby came.

    Take a break, but keep in touch:
    Other women may desire to stop working for some time and they must go home while they have all the connections as much as possible because this will enable them to return to their areas of work in a smooth manner. This will also go ahead in assisting them to keep up any other developments in their workplace enabling them to socialize more with their colleagues as they may have dinner or even other social arrangements with them in a very organized manner.

    Doing this will help in boosting the amount of morale to the mother and also enable her to have feelings that she is being supported by her colleagues from the workplace and so the mother will improve her thoughts towards having a baby and making it feel like having an adventure into a new beginning. In addition mothers at the age of 30s often develop more stamina and resilience which helps much in parenting their children. Women at this age also have more control of what they do and so parenting at this age is the best as there will few problems compared to those other ages.

    Pregnancy complications are likely to occur:
    On the other hand also the age of thirty pose great difficulties to the baby to be born if they are not cared; early thirties may lead a mother to have a miscarriage and further still the baby is likely to be born with Downs’ syndrome. At about thirty five years mothers are prone to have a higher decline in their fertility rates and so they are supposed to visit healthcare experts frequently now that the age has become very fragile. Genetic abnormalities are prone to occur after age thirty and doctors’ role will go up as they will use any kind of medication at hand to lower the risks of getting such abnormalities.

    Chances for normal delivery are rare:
    Also ectopic pregnancy is prone to occur after age thirty five compared to those ages younger than this; caesarean rates are seen to be higher for women with more than 35 years compared to those younger women. Many researches state that women’s fertility drop consistently between the age of thirty five and twenty nine but women at age 35 does not care a lot about this age and when it reaches the age of 39 then they start to feel more concern of this kind of age and the kind of prospects which will come in their way of life.

    Big no-no to unhealthy eating, drugs and smoking:
    Finally at this age with a lot of pleasure most women must avoid many things in life which will compromise the fertility in their bodies because at this age most of them could be smoking and even being on unbalanced diet for longer periods than it should be. Mothers must therefore avoid many drugs which are not prescribed by a physician in most cases so that they can improve chances of being pregnant.

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