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    Thursday, November 01, 2012

    Care During Pregnancy

    For pregnant women, the state in which their bodies are put in, they are required to know about some important facts. Several pregnant women are recorded to suffer one pregnancy-related complication or another each year. Pregnant women ignorant of these facts are usually those that fall victims of these complications. When adequate prenatal care is given to pregnant women, the risk of getting embroiled in any of these complications becomes minimal. Mothers and their babies therefore stand better chances of overcoming potentially serious consequences that may occur as a result of care given to them during the state of pregnancy.

    Care during pregnancy for women has been known to be very important and the need for necessary steps to be taken is always stressed. Ideally, care for women should start even before they become pregnant although this may not be always practical or possible but things are made a lot better and easier if it could be done.

    Care for pregnant women is best handled by trained hands and that is why pregnant women have to know of the right people to consult in their state. Obstetricians and gynecologists are medical practitioners who have been specially trained to take care of women in pregnancy and at childbirth. Family practitioners and certified nurse-midwives can provide specialized services to pregnant women such as obstetrical care, labor and delivery as well as postpartum care without the risk of complications.

    Ordinarily these health care providers are adequately trained to take care of pregnant women and during the time of their deliveries especially when complications are not anticipated. There may be the need for nurse-midwives to have doctors around during the time of delivery if there is a need for cesarean operations to be performed. Most times health care providers are proficient enough to take care of pregnant women till the time they safely deliver their babies. Doctors with expertise in high-risk pregnancies may however be contacted in cases where there are complications. Such cases include;

    Pregnant women having chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart problems.
    • Pregnant women who are older than 35 years in age
    • Pregnant women with more than one fetus
    • Pregnant women with increased risk of preterm labor
    Pregnant women who have any of the other complication factors that may put them in the high-risk category.

    The first visits of pregnant women for prenatal care are always eventful. Unless there is a problem, the usual practice is that such visits are made during the first 6 to 8 weeks during this time these women will be asked a lot of questions. One of the questions you are sure to be asked as a pregnant woman is the date of your last menstrual period from which your delivery date will be predicted. A complete physical examination will have to be conducted and this will include pelvic and rectal examination. From a blood sample that will also be taken from you, series of tests will be conducted which will include a complete blood cell count and detection of any sign of any infection like syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV and so on.

    Important Factors to Be Considered By Pregnant Women
    There is a whole range of advice for you as a woman about the factors you have to put into consideration before you become pregnant and after you might have become pregnant. These factors are all embedded in prenatal care during pregnancy and they are very important for the development, growth as well as the overall health of the mother and the well-being of the unborn child. For the child to be able to survive after birth, adequate care must be taken before its birth.

    The introduction of certain healthy changes is important and vital at this crucial stage in every woman’s life. This includes modifications in the lifestyle such as living on balanced diets, quitting harmful habits like the abuse of substances like drugs and alcohol and regular and proper exercising.

    Need For Proper Diet
    The baby in a pregnant woman is not capable to feed for itself and is totally dependent on the mother for support and nutrition. The health of a baby while in the womb and even after it has been delivered is determined by prenatal nutrition to a large extent. It is therefore important for you as a pregnant woman to live on a pregnancy diet that will be balanced and capable of making you and your unborn baby healthy. Your choice of food must include a profusion of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as other healthy choices. You must avoid all synthetic and processed foods. Spicy and oily foods can lead to indigestion and heat, while excess weight gain will be the resultant effect of living on processed food. It is always recommended for pregnant women to live on wholesome diets and drink plenty of water.

    Proper Lifestyle Is a Must for Pregnant Women
    While proper diet will do its own part, the correct lifestyle during pregnancy must be followed by every woman for her and her unborn baby to remain healthy. A pregnant woman must learn of the right type of pregnancy exercises that will make her remain fit and healthy. You must never allow stress and pressure to build up in your body during this stage because they are implicated in the causes of complications during pregnancy. Some forms of exercises for pregnant women and some meditation techniques are capable of taking care of stress adequately. There are other ways of obtaining a relaxed mind when pregnant and these include reading books, listening to music, cooking and so on. Having sound sleep and big doses of it, is also good for you as a pregnant woman. This will help to repair all the wears and tears that you may have suffered.

    Apart from all these, there are some other factors that can not be overlooked in the course of pregnancy in any woman. Supplements prescribed by your medical doctor like iron and calcium must be taken. You must make sure that you find the time to go regularly for pregnancy classes because this will help you to prepare for the arrival of your baby and you will also be able to learn tips that will ease any discomfort that you may experience.

    If for any reason a pregnant woman suffers the lack of prenatal care during her pregnancy, such a woman becomes vulnerable to the risk of complications that can affect her health and that of her baby. The issue of care during pregnancy is therefore important and can not be over-emphasized which is the reason you need to avail yourself of good care when you are pregnant.


    1. During pregnancy the would be mother needs utmost care and attention. Proper lifestyle, healthy habits and adequate nutrition is very much important and can not be ignored. Pregnant should consult their doctor and go for regular check ups. Alcohol and smoking should be completely avoided.

    2. Pregnancy is the most important part in any women’s life. Pregnant women where they feel elated of crossing to most privileged tag as mother. Take good care of during pregnancy.


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