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    Tuesday, October 16, 2012

    Tips To Conceive a Healthy Baby

    There are a number of factors that affects your baby's health. These factors include social habits, dietary measures for mother and diet of father. These all three factors can be controlled during early pregnancy. Only healthy habits help in conceiving healthy baby. Here we will discuss the most important considerations that you should know for conceiving a healthy baby.

    Social habits and other important considerations
    • During early pregnancy unhealthy social habits are hazardous for the health of a baby. You should try to eliminate these unhealthy habits for conceiving a healthy baby. These habits include smoking, drinking or consuming illegal drugs. These all bad habits can affect the health of your baby adversely.
    • You should consume necessary vitamins for conceiving a healthy baby. The most recommendable healthy vitamins are Vitamin C, Vitamin D and prenatal vitamins. These vitamins not only improve the health of a woman but also help her in conceiving a healthy child.
    • Some women consume low cholesterol or high blood pressure medications. These medicines contain the hazardous drugs that are dangerous for the health of your baby. You should ask the doctor about all these medications. Consume the necessary medications only after the doctor’s prescription.
    • After eliminating unhealthy social habits, chances of conceiving a healthy baby increases to a large extent. The next step is to identify the ovulation cycle. Chances of conceiving a healthy baby increases during the personal ovulation days. You can use a ovulation calculator for determining the right time for pregnancy.
    Dietary measures for mother
    • Most of the birth defects are very difficult to cure during early pregnancy. Yet some of them can be treated by consuming healthy diet and necessary nutrients. Lack of essential nutrients is the major reason for conceiving a weak baby. For this purpose, you should plan a healthy diet chart that ensures all necessary nutrients for your body. The most essential nutrients that are required for conceiving a healthy baby are folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamins. Here are some important dietary measures for mother that is necessary to follow during early pregnancy.
    • Folic acid is the first requirement for conceiving a healthy baby. This acid is available in baked beans, green peas, green vegetables and Asparagus. The minimum amount that you should consume daily is 400 mcg.
    • B - Complex vitamins are also necessary during early pregnancy. Sources of B – complex vitamins are fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains.
    • Calcium is required for healthy bones of the baby. Calcium is available in milk and all other dairy products like cheese and butter.
    • Vitamin C is the next requirement for the pregnant women. This vitamin is available in citrus fruits like orange and lemon.
    • Iron is necessary for maintaining your hemoglobin level. The main sources of iron are cereals, leafy vegetables and rice. Plan a balanced diet that contains all necessary nutrients as discussed above for enjoying the maximum benefits.
    Dietary recommendation for men
    • Healthy diet also affects the quality of sperm in men. Inadequate diet in men may hamper serious health issues in baby. The most common example of inadequate diet is alcohol consumption. Here are some important considerations that ensure healthy conception.
    • Vitamin C and antioxidants are the essential nutrients for producing healthy sperm in men. A normal man requires 90 mg of vitamin C daily in his diet. On the other hand, a smoker should consume 120 mg of vitamin C daily. Orange juice is the best source for Vitamin C. The other common sources are tomatoes, strawberry and lemon.
    • Calcium is the other requirement for healthy sperm. A man should consume 1000 mg of calcium and 10 mg of vitamin daily. The most common sources of calcium are milk, cheese, leafy vegetables, almonds, peas and beans. Vitamin D is gained through sunlight.
    • Folic acid is essential requirement for both men and women for conceiving a healthy baby. 400 mg is the minimum amount consumed by a healthy person daily. Folic acid is available in green vegetables, beans and cereals. You can also consume necessary supplements for gaining folic acid. Supplements should be consumed only after doctor’s prescription.
    • To maintain semen and testosterone level, you should consume 11 mg of zinc daily. The main sources of zinc are meat, eggs, whole grains and leafy vegetables. In special cases, you may consume supplements according to doctor’s recommendation.
    These all are the necessary step that should be followed by father and mother in order to conceive a healthy baby.


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