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    Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    Tips for Getting Pregnant First Time

    Getting pregnant is an intense desire for every woman. Many women avoid pregnancy for few years of marriage due to their career or other reasons while some women want to get pregnant soon after marriage. It depends on everyone’s personal preference and economical condition to raise children. Every woman is exited to become pregnant and excitement becomes more for the first time pregnancy. Many women get pregnancy soon after marriage without more efforts while some women have to make efforts for getting pregnant.

    To get pregnant for the first time is not indeed a difficult task for women. Once you and your partner plan to have baby, you just know some basic information about conception process and make proper planning to get pregnant.

    Understand the Basics of Intimacy
    You should understand basics of intimacy for getting pregnancy. Intercourse is the best way to get pregnancy. You and your partner should try to relax before having sex. You should not get tense that you are having sex for getting pregnant. Keep it as normal process and having sex during your most fertile period will increase chances for getting pregnancy. You should also understand that if your partner ejaculates often become helpful in improve sperm motility and therefore, he should ejaculate minimum one time in a week. Plan your intercourse for baby making sex. If you keep interval for three days before intercourse it will give you positive results for getting pregnant. Getting pregnancy is a natural process and you will get good result if you keep yourself happy and without any pressure about getting pregnancy.

    Sperm Count Checking
    You should know about sperm count of your partner. If sperm count of your partner is normal, then you have more chance to get pregnant easily. It is not that low sperm have less chance for pregnancy. You should not get depress or think negative in case of low sperm count of your partner. In case of low sperm count, you have to enjoy sex on alternative day that means keep some gap to give some rest to your partner to get positive results by increasing sperm count. There are other factors that also depend to get pregnant other than sperm count such as sperm morphology, sperm motility and many other can be identify from fluid analysis. If your partner has healthy sperm count, then you should continue intercourse during your fertility period.

    Right Planning for Intercourse
    For getting pregnant, woman should understand most important thing for intercourse by identify her ovulation date. Five days before ovulation is considered as fertile period and this is the time you take the advantage for getting pregnancy. You should follow your ovulation chart or ovulation prediction kit or you can use basal body temperature method. You can also notice from some symptoms during ovulation period in your body. Generally ovulation period is start on 14 days from your next menstrual period. Three days before ovulation date is considered as most fertile period and you should get good result if you intercourse during this period. Once you miss your ovulation period you should wait for a month until your next ovulation period.

    Best Conception Position
    Right position during intercourse can affect greatly for getting pregnancy for the first time. Right intercourse position helps you if you are looking for getting baby boy or baby girl. The conventional missionary position is considered as perfect position for intercourse and rear entry position is also helpful for getting pregnancy for women with a tilted uterus. It can also helpful that it ejects sperm close to the cervix to increase chances of conception. You should take care that sperm cannot leak and more amount of sperm enter in woman’s vagina. You should also stay in that position after intercourse to make possible that maximum sperm stay in the uterine tract that increases pregnancy chances.

    Getting pregnancy is the very complicated process if woman do not get success after many years of marriage. In such case she might get depress or think negative. There are many factors that cause resistance in pregnancy. If you do not get success in getting pregnancy for many years after marriage you should consultant expert gynecologist for your physical check up. Doctor can guide you for complete body check up and if require they also insist to make test of your partner for positive outcome. You should always remember to keep yourself and your partner healthy and happy. Healthy diet and regular exercise will keep you physically fit and increase chances for healthy pregnancy.

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    1. thanks for sharing this easy to follow natural tips for getting pregnant fast. no doubt it will help to women's who are looking to get pregnant.


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