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    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    Talking to the Child About Puberty

    This is the responsibility of the parents to talk to their child about puberty at the right time. Today, there is large number of sources to get the information about puberty. But all sources are not reliable. It would be better to make him aware about puberty before he asks sensitive questions about the topic.

    Conversation with girls
    You should start the discussion with your child at the age of eight. You should tell him about necessary physical and emotional changes. Parents should discuss about menstruation with the girls before they actually reach the reproduction stage. If they are not aware about periods then they become scared. In normal cases, most of the girls get their periods at the age of 12. In rare cases, it may be early at the age of nine or it may be late at the age of 16.

    Conversation with boys
    Boys gain their puberty stage later as compared to girls. But sexual changes like ejaculation begin to develop at the early stage. When you notice any physical changes and sexual changes in your child, you should discuss about puberty with him. Sex education is also a common topic in schools. You should teach him sex lessons personally. Sit with your child and discuss the problems with him.

    Communicate effectively
    This is not an easy task to open up with your child. You should not wait for the initiation from your child. Use videos, Internet or novels to educate them. Make your communication effective when you are talking to the child about puberty. You can learn effective communication technique from Internet. You can talk to him during driving when you are not looking at each other. This is quite an easy and effective style of communication.

    Answer all their questions
    You should know how to answer every question properly. If you are not sure about anything then search for the answer together with your child. If question is very personal and you are not comfortable with it then ask your child to wait for the right time. You should not hesitate during your communication with your child. Your child is very small to understand all concepts together. Give him only some knowledge at a time.

    Dont show negative traits if they ask questions
    If your child asks any question regarding sex or puberty you should not be angry. Wrong attitude can have bad impression on your child. Treat him with love and honesty. If you will not discuss about puberty at the right time, they start talking about the topic with their friends. It would be really great if child gets the complete knowledge from his parents.

    Even the educated parents don’t have right idea how to deal with the problem. Here are some important facts that can help you in reaching at the right decision.
    • Determine the right time of talking about puberty with your child. Some parents start it at the early stage and other start discussion at the later stage.
    • It is necessary to educate yourself before initiating any discussion with your child. For this purpose, you can refer books or Internet.
    • Select some comfortable place where no one can interrupt you. Share only a portion of the knowledge at the right time.
    • Ask your child to feel comfortable in asking any question regarding puberty or sex. You can also provide books for the children.
    • Spend more time with your child as he grows up. This is the right way to stay in touch with your child when he enters to the stage of puberty and teenage.

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