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    Monday, October 08, 2012

    Interesting Games for Two Year Old Child

    If you are a parent of a two year old kid, then there are number of fun activities which you can perform along with your kid. One such activity is playing some games with your kid which can prove to be a whole lot of fun. Such games also encourage the overall development of your kid and enhancing his personality as a result.

    Below are given some of the games which a two year old would love to play with his parents.

    Games for kids aged between 24-30 months:

    One for the kid and one for the parent:
    Anything can be used for playing this game including crayons, large buttons, raisins or blocks. The toddler should be provided with a little pile and he should be asked to share it out into small plates or containers. Some other friend can also be invited so that sharing can be practised in three ways.

    Indoor Basketball:
    A number of balls can be made using newspaper sheets by scrunching the sheets. Any kind of breakable object kept nearby should be removed before the play is started. After practising a bit on the person throwing balls the furthest, basketball should be played. Laundry basket or wastepaper bin should be kept some distance away and a competition should be organised seeing the person who is able to land the ball in that bin.

    Odd Thing Out:
    This game should be practised initially with the help of a fruit bowl. Two apples and one banana can be provided to the child and he should be asked to choose the odd one amongst them.

    Solving a puzzle:
    Old magazines can be used to cut out the pictures of furniture pieces like TV, chairs and bed plus other stuff present in the house such as towels, bucket and kettles. After this the room pictures should be cut out and the kid should be asked to put the object as well as the furniture pictures in the correct room.

    Planning a picnic:
    A picnic should be planned at lunchtime at any normal day. A washables mat or a sheet can be spread in the balcony or the floor of the drawing room and food served in the paper plates.

    Games for kids aged between 30-36 months:

    Red Letter Day:
    One day in the week should be made a red day. Wear red clothes that day. Breakfast may include a strawberry jam over a toast. Red flowers may be picked and red cars counted while going somewhere.

    Matching pairs:
    This game can be purchased from any nearby shop and the kid is bound to absolutely love it. In the game, spaces have to be filled up on a given board by putting matching cards on the various pictures present on that board.

    Scribble away:
    You can play a scribbling game with your kid by spreading plain paper sheets on the floor and then getting some crayons which are non-toxic. The hand movements of your toddler would be developed with the help of such an activity.

    Simon says:
    Even though this is generally considered to be a group game, you can easily play it with your toddler. In this one person is the leader who starts by giving simple commands such as ‘Simon Says’ and then putting hands over the head , the command has to be demonstrated by the leader himself. The parent generally becomes the leader and all your commands have to be obeyed by your kid.

    Cold and hot:
    In this game a little treat is hidden in some room and then the toddler has to search for it. If the toddler is a little near to the treat the term used is ‘warm’ and if the toddler is very close to it, the term used is ‘hot’. But if the kid is quite far from the treat , then it’s called ‘cold’.

    Thus, here we have provided you with some of the favourite games of little kids around the age of two years. Both the parents as well as the toddler are bound to enjoy these games together and it would also lead to an increase in the bonding between the two.

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    1. www.diligentnanny.webs.comOctober 9, 2012 at 5:00 AM

      Thank you for all the games altered for the children. It is nice to see and have them play the same games like their older siblings. Creativity is a great thing.
      Best, Mary@www.diligentnanny.webs.com


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