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    Sunday, October 14, 2012

    How To Raise A Happy Toddler

    When you become mother of new born baby, you completely involve yourself in caring your newborn. It is very essential to take extra care of newborn baby for her/his healthy growth. Every mother and father wishes that they provide best things and facilities to their baby. They buy all necessary things for their baby beyond their budget. They try to provide all good things even by cutting down their own expenses. As a parent you should make all efforts for smart development of your baby rather than emotional one for healthy survival of your child in today’s fast development world.

    As your baby becomes six months or more you should make study for your baby’s basic needs, his liking /disliking, eating habits, playing activities and other daily routine activities. Until your baby will be able to speak for his needs, you should understand sign that he demands.

    Nourish your baby to become Happy Toddler
    You should properly schedule your child’s activity by understanding his nature after six or eight months. You should plan well for his natural and healthy development. For developing baby in most efficient way you should know some basic information about infants

    1.Up to six months, you should understand your baby’s requirement from his crying such as when he becomes hungry or have some physical problem. You should understand from his voice that what he is trying to convey from crying. You can understand his liking and disliking from his face that what your baby is demanding from you.

    2.When your baby is able to understand your instructions, you should be more careful about that. You should not attend her for his every call while crying. Your baby is become more intelligent that he knows that by crying he can call her mother or father immediately with him. You should make him realize and teach him for keeping patience by not attending baby immediately when he becomes cry or shout.

    3. You have to make safe play area that your baby can play happily by himself when you are working in the kitchen. You should keep your eye on your baby while working that he is ok or not without divert his attention. This will teach your infant to play unaccompanied without your help. You can keep watch and notice that how intelligently your child can play. You should try to increase your baby’s intelligent level by purchasing different toys according to your child’s age.

    4. When your baby is able to sit and eat himself you should teach him some basic routine things. You can serve plate of his snacks and give to him to eat snacks by himself. Schedule his diet that he needs food at that time. You can sit together for lunch or dinner. It will teach table manners in your baby from childhood.

    5. You should remember that your baby follow their parents first. As a parent you become the first teacher or guide of your baby. Whatever good manner or behavior affects your baby. You should act wisely to make good impression on your child. Even if you speak softly it will teach your child to speak similarly in good manner.

    6.You should understand what to do for preparing your baby to become a happy toddler. Understanding your baby’s liking and disliking things and follow it wisely will help you in natural growth of your baby. Keep your baby healthy by providing nutrients rich diet as per his age. You should change diet of your baby with his age. Your healthy baby can grow more quickly and happily.

    7. When your baby becomes a one year old he becomes more possessive and demanding different things he finds around him. This is most important period for his development. You should try to convince your baby from childhood to not become rude and demanding. You should not fulfill all his demands. Explain to him with love and by changing his attention from that thing will be more reasonable to train him.

    8.Every baby likes that his parents play with him all the time. It is not possible to play all the time, but you can play with your baby in your leisure time. It will increase your bonding with your baby. In such way you can teach how to play with other kids when he grows up. You can also show kid books with large and colorful pictures that your baby can identify things such as vegetables, fruits, birds, animals, etc. You can also sing poem or play some music CD while playing. Music can add more fun to your baby.

    Understanding your baby’s nature and try to teach him accordingly will lead towards natural growth of your baby. Health and happiness are most relative things that are very essential for mother to understand. Keep your child healthy to make him become happy toddler.


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