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    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    How To Handle Angry Teenagers

    When your kids are growing, it’s very normal to find them getting angry. You may be the main cause of their quick anger. Their anger may also be caused by their lack of maturity since they are just teenagers. But at times they may be having the right reasons of getting angry.

    As a parent, you should be able to have ways of handling your teenager when he or she is angry. Otherwise if you fail to handle them properly it may lead to havoc in your family.

    There are various issues you should consider when handling angry teens. This includes but not limited to:
    • Show your angry teenager how much you love him or her. Whenever your teen is angry, try to show him how much he or she means to you. Be the nicest parent at that moment .Soothe him down and he will realize that you care. Even if it means to buy your teen a present of what he likes most go ahead it will be worth. Ask your teenager calmly if you have wronged him or her. It can also be another person who might have done something wrong to your teenager. If someone has made him mad ensure you assure your teenager that you will strictly warn that person not to do something wrong to your teenager again.
    • Communicate often with your angry teenager. Communication always makes a strong bond between people who are related to each other. Talk to your teenager whenever he is angry and even when calm. Let him tell you what makes him or her angry so that you will avoid getting him or her mad. Avoid arguments with your teenager since it will make him or her angrier. Your teenager will thus be feeling free with you. You should understand that teenagers are more prone to getting angry.
    • As a parent, you should have lots of respect for yourself and also for your teenager. If you involve yourself in ugly incidents in front of your teenage then he will take after you. Don’t blame your teenager for such a case. Many teenagers take their nature from how they see their parents relate or other grownups. Whenever your teenager is angry and you tell him he is being childish this will worsen the situation. Tell your teenager how big he has grown and should calm down. If you will show your angry teenager respect, you will also get respected in turn and your angry teenager will tend to understand you more. He or she will also listen to you and you will be in a better position to handle his or her anger.
    • You should be slow to anger. When your teen is angry, to handle him will require you to take it easy. Do not shout at your angry teen. He will get angrier because what your teen will require is peace but not more havoc. So you should talk to your teenager on a low tone. Approach him slowly and calmly. Don’t beat him up. Many parents make this mistake. Inflicting pain to your teenager will never be a solution. Make sure your teenager does not fear you. When handling angry teens, there should be total closeness with you and your teenager.
    • Always be concerned about your teenager. Many parents do not have time for their children. Listen to the teenager’s side of view. Where your angry teenager is wrong, correct him in a mature way. Make him realize that you are concerned with his or her well being. When a teacher invites you to school over your teenager’s conduct in school, go and be cautious not to stress him or her by creating more anger. Whenever your teenager needs you be there. In case it’s impossible do not ignore him or her. You can leave a message indicating that you will not make it. State the reasons as to why you will not attend to your teenager at that time. Make sure that you will indicate you will make up for the moment.
    Handling angry teenagers requires lots of sacrifice. If you really want to bring up your teenager in the best way possible then you will have to make all the necessary sacrifices as indicated above. If you will follow all that, then you will find it easy in handling angry teenagers. And when all goes well then you will have achieved a lot in handling angry teens. They are your teens and you want them to have the best. So be the first to give your teens the best!


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