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    Thursday, October 18, 2012

    How to Get Pregnant with Twins

    Are you a mother interested in giving birth to twins? There are certain facts you need to grab. Twin babies can be identical or different depending on the fertilization process that takes place during conception. There are couples who have repeated cases of twin birth. Some people see such couples as being lucky or favored. The truth is that, giving birth to twins is possible when you discover certain tips that can be help. There are some vital natural avenues that can help. Let’s discuss them.

    Learn to Consume plenty of Yams and Cassava
    The Yam and cassava foods are rich in vital chemicals that cause fetus in the woman’s womb to duplicate and become ber. This has been proven in the lives of many pregnant women who ended up giving birth to twins. Learn to consume enough cassava and yam all the time when you’re pregnant. The foodstuffs trigger hyper ovulation cycles and also enhance the movement of the sex hormones which will help you get conceived with twins in the process.

    Gain more weight
    If you must give birth to twins, you have to increase your weight while pregnant. Twin conception demands you gain enough weight. You have to consume lots of fatty foods that build weight. The fatter you are during pregnancy, the greater your chances of giving birth to twins. In any case, don’t go on binge eating in the bid to have twins. Just be considerate as you eat. This prevents unnecessary complications.

    Go for quality Dairy Products
    It’s necessary you take lots of dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, and so on. They help a lot in maximizing your chances of conceiving twins as you also engage other tips.

    Get to age 30 plus
    It’s easier to conceive twins when you reach the age of 30 and above. This has been the case with many women who have given birth to twins. Your womb and every other body processes related to pregnancy tend to respond well when you get into the age of 30 and above. You’re sure of having less conception problems when it comes to having your desired twins.

    Give enough Gap before the next conception
    To increase your chances of giving birth to twins, you have to give enough gaps in your conception process. Try as much as you can to have one or two kids with enough space in the conception periods. Don’t rush into conception every year. This can hamper your chances of giving birth to twins.

    Go for Supplements with Irons and Folic acid
    It’s important to take supplements loaded with iron and folic acid. This increases your chances of conceiving twins. To achieve better results, it’s important you take the supplements before you go into conception.

    Check out Your Family history
    Family history sometimes plays a major role in the conception of twins. If you’re coming from a family where there are twins or you happen to be a twin child yourself, chances are that you may also conceive twins when you get pregnant. This is usually possible since you’re likely to be sharing the same genetic predispositions that trigger the conception of twins from your family lineage.

    Desire to have twins
    Oftentimes, one is likely to get what he or she wants when the desire is there always. If you want to conceive twins, there’s every reason for you to desire that from the depth of your heart. From time to time, you have to image yourself bearing twins. Get pictures of twins and look at them when you’re pregnant. From time to time, gather twin babies in your house and stage a little twin party with them. When you engage in such activities, you’re likely to increase the chances of giving birth to twins. What you desire is likely to come true when you hold on to it.

    Talk about Twins
    You can also increase the chances of giving birth to twins by talking about that always. Your words have power. There’s enough arsenal loaded in your tongue and mouth. If you desire to have twins, you have to declare that from time to time. Let people hear you claim your twins by the words of your mount. Let you husband hear you speak about twins. Words have power. As you keep on confessing twins, you may end up conceiving in the process.

    In all, don’t go ahead to force yourself to have twins. Just apply the tips discussed above and leave everything to the creator of mankind. You’re sure to succeed in the process.


    1. Oh...I wished so much that I should have twins...I should have known about these info before

    2. Every women trying to conceive follow pregnancy tips for healthy pregnancy. but your last two tips will definitely put good impact on mind of her to get pregnant with twins. Thanks.


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