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    Tuesday, October 09, 2012

    How to Encourage Kids for Outdoor Sports

    In ancient times, children play only outdoor games as during that time there was no video games, computer, laptop or play station with them. Today, children only love to play indoor games and they get lots of fun from that electronics devices and become crazy after such devices. Though invention and new technologies are always good for human being, but if you misuse technology than it may harmful for humans. In today’s era, people do not understand many facts due to lack of time.

    As parents are busy in their work they do not have any time to spend with kids. Therefore, they prefer easy going things. They bring video games or computer or play station for their kids so they can play games all the time and parents get good time as they don’t need to attend their kids. While playing such games children do not need anyone therefore, it is very comfortable for busy parents. But on other side parents do not understand actual importance of outdoor games.

    There are various benefits of outdoor games. If you send your child outside for playing in playground, park or garden, it may beneficial for them in many ways. It is understood that due to busy schedule, parent may not afford to take their child outside for playing, but they need to spare some time for benefit of their child’s good health and development. They just need to convey child to play outside.

    Advantages of Outdoor Games
    • As your child is used to play outdoor games, you find difference in their physical growth and development. You find your kid more active. It reduces laziness in your kids.
    • If your children find interest in outdoor games, they get less habituated with video games and television. Many television shows create badly impression on children’s mind. Taking interest in outside games prevent your child from addiction of television. With actively participation in outdoor games, you find excellent natural growth of your children.
    • Once your child start playing outdoor games, you find him fit physically and also prevent him from obesity. Your child may find physical disorder including obesity if he does not perform any physical exercise. Less physical activity can affect your child’s physical and mental growth.
    • Outdoor games increase your child’s talent, team spirit and confidence to take participation in all activities. It reduces stress level of your child and thus your child can concentrate more on study.
    Tips to Encourage your Child for Outdoor Activities
    • First of all you need to explain to your child how outdoor games can beneficial to keep him healthy and also increase their physical strength.
    • Ask your child what type of games he/ she likes more. There are various types of popular games in India like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, hockey, table tennis, etc. Let your child chooses his/her liking game.
    • If you find that your child has keen interest in particular game, you should motivate him/her. Joining some good coaching class help your child to develop his/her skill in that game. Good training boosts your child’s talent and increases their confidence.
    • Due to laziness nature some kids avoid to participate in outdoor sports. They also not participate in school games as well. Many schools give more importance to sports. They perform various sports activities in school. You need to explain to your kids to participate in all games. You can give example of famous sportsman of India and the world of various games to inspire your child.
    • Increase your kid’s interest for outdoor sports by giving them some good rewards. Encourage your child by taking personal interest and sparing good time with your child to take him in playground.
    Other Outdoor Activities

    It is not essential to only play games outside. Make your children actively participate in all activities like gardening, swimming, cycling, etc.
    • Give environment knowledge to your child. Explain to him that how green and clean atmosphere benefits human being. Teach your child that plantation of tree is very essential for survival of human being. Gardening activities also provides fun to children and increase knowledge of environment. You can teach them spray water to small plants and trees, shape the trees, etc. Increase your child’s interest in gardening activities for plantation, cleaning, spray water to plants, shaping tree, etc. and teach them concept “Save Trees to Save Earth”.
    • Swimming is also one of the best exercises. You can join your child in good swimming class. Swimming is also beneficial for your child’s healthy growth.
    • If your kid likes cycling, buy a cycle for him/her. Cycling half an hour or our hour daily also keep your child fit and reduce obesity. Let your child to go for cycling in playground with other kids.
    • Yoga and aerobics are also good for healthy growth of child. Aerobics keep your child fit and active.
    • Dancing is also one type of exercise. In India various types of dances are very popular and even both girl and boy can performs dancing as per their personal interest.
    • Teach your child some traditional games like swing, kubbadi, nagolchu, hide-and-seek that cause physical exercise.
    Give Motivation, Never Force your Child

    It is essential to motivate your child to go outside for playing, but many children do not like to play outside because of their shy nature or some other reasons. In such case you should not force or punish your child. It may affect on their mind. You need to understand your child’s behavior and nature and enlighten him accordingly. Understand your child’s liking game and gradually increase his interest in that game. Give personal attention and spare time to encourage your child to make him interested to participate in outdoor sports.

    To make your child’s career in sports, you need to take personal interest from child age. You should know interest and physical strength of your child for choosing game. Do not insist or expect more from your child to make him expert in particular game. If your child has his own interest, you can motivate him and provide all facilities that he needs to go ahead in his career.

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