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    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    Tips To Help Children to Complete Their Homework

    Homework is something that every child is sought to do and there is no option with him. But many a times it is not common to see yourself getting exasperated over the homework that needs to be completed by your child. It is a common to see the parents looking into the almanacs to ascertain the homework that their kids got to do and heaving a sigh of relief when they get the same done by their wards, after a harrowing time.

    But why does this process becomes such an awful experience for the parents and the kids? Simple, because they may view this as a hassle that needs to be done anyhow. It is rarely taken as a step towards enhancing a Childs learning skills.

    What are the things that you should keep in mind when getting the homework done?

    Explain to the child, the importance of homework
    Homework is not a colossal problem that has no remedies, but it is something that is in the better interest of the child so that he is able to revise the lessons that have been taught in the class, so that the same gets entrenched in his memory. It is important to understand the concept of homework before one gets on to form an opinion over its usefulness or futility. The parents are required to understand the same and explain it to the kids.

    Make sure that the child is not tired and is able to concentrate when doing his homework

    A tired body will make an irritated child who will have no interest in doing his homework. And it is for this purpose it is important that you set up a specific schedule for your child, not only regards to his homework time but also regarding his rest and play time so that when it comes to doing his homework, he is fully rested and you are able to get his concentration.

    Make sure that the child has a comfortable place to do his homework
    A place that is full of distractions is the worst that you can give your child. Just in case the child is studying in such place wherein directions are bound to happen, make sure that you keep them to the minimum. Do not speak loudly or have an extended conversation on the phone, make sure that the television is switched off and the place is well ventilated and ably lit up.

    Distraction prevents concentration
    If the child is studying in a place with loud sounds of the television, or for that matter have other kids playing nearby, the child will always find it difficult to concentrate. For the purpose make sure that your child plays when other kids are playing, and studies when the others are studying so that he is in tandem with the same schedule as them.

    Ensure that you are supervising the child, occasionally
    It is important that you child does his homework by himself but it also important that you keep check on your child, every once in a while. This is so because owing to distractions, the child may just not feel like studying at that moment and his mind could be wandering elsewhere, making it difficult for him to concentrate on the subject. In case you do not keep a tab on your child, he may end up wasting a lot of precious time.

    Reward him when he shows responsible behavior
    In case you are forever after your child to make him complete his homework, make sure that you reward him aptly when he starts showing the signs of responsible behavior and follows the regimen himself, without asking for your efforts. That ways he would know the importance of responsible behavior and will show a sense of responsibility, not only for his homework but for other facets in life as well. Rewarding your child for good behavior goes a long way than reprimanding him for irresponsible behavior.


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    3. Homework helps children improve in study skills. What is learned in class needs to apply, but homework belongs to children and parents should not take on the responsibility of that.


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