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    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    How to Make Toddler Sleep

    Bedtime battles are extremely irritating and frustrating for the parents. Here are some suggestions by the best moms in the world that helps you to win the bedtime battles.

    Maintain a consistent and simple daily routine
    The simplest solution that works for most of the babies is consistent routine. Ask your baby to follow three tasks step by step before going to bed. These are brushing their teeth, reading a book and sing a prayer or song. You should also join your toddler in his daily routine because most of the babies love to imitate their parents.

    Don’t forget that you should strictly follow this daily routine. After sometime, your baby gets used to this consistent routine and finally you are able to win the bedtime battle.

    Avoid overtiredness
    If your toddler is extra tired then it becomes very difficult to handle him. It is necessary to set early bedtime for a sound sleep. If you are a mother of two small kids then set different bedtime for both toddlers. In this way, you are able to manage situation calmly. Most of the babies deny going to bed earlier. You have to convince him to sleep early and also switch off TV and other interesting applications that attract him.

    Scary thoughts
    Sometimes toddlers are afraid of going to bed. This is quite a horrible experience for them because of their creepy thoughts. In this case, ask them to avoid scary images and scary television shows. Also try to make them feel more secure and safe with you.

    Offer choices
    Ask them to share their funny experiences with you. Also offer them various books to choose from. You can also offer games but he should play those games on bed only. In this way, sleep time becomes more interesting and exciting for your toddler. Sometimes he asks himself for going to bed. This is an excellent 

    Ask them to go to bed immediately
    If your toddler gets up after bedtime then ask him to go to bed immediately without wasting a single minute in conversation. Explain him that this is not a fun time and he should be on bed only. Initially it may take few days but after some time your baby gets used to of this daily routine. Never try to force your kid and just make the bed time cool and calm for your toddler.

    Solo Sleep
    Various moms want to sleep their baby alone so that he can enjoy a sound sleep. Some kids are afraid of sleeping alone but after some time it becomes a habit for your toddler. Keep visiting his room regularly and it also secures your baby.

    You can also ask them to take their stuffed animals during bed time. In this way, they don’t feel alone and they can spend some good time with their stuffed toys. If they don’t want to sleep alone at all then you can join your baby for making him more relaxed.

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