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    Friday, September 14, 2012

    How To Help Children to Overcome Fear of Failure

    A fear of failure limits a person from going ahead and doing different tasks in life. A person who has lower confidence levels and no self esteem shows the signs of fear of failure. Generally it is seen that only those people who have never been encouraged by their family members, by their friends or by their teachers or their fellow mates for their good work and are always stopped from doing it through either rejection or scolding are always found to be scared of facing failures in life. These people stop trying new things in their life and have no aims and goals and this affects their life’s quality and so measures should be taken to help kids overcome their fear of failure so that they grow up as healthy human beings and make their life better.

    Few ways with which children can be made free from the fear of failure are:

    You miss 100 % of the chance which you do not attempt

    Always teach your child to attempt all the examinations and competitions as there is always a possibility of winning. Teach him that even if he’ll lose, he will gain a new experience in life and with this experience he can do better the next time. Missing an opportunity means losing all possible chances that one could get to win. So try to make efforts to indulge your child in every possible activity that could instil a positive attitude in him.

    Encourage your child for his wins and failures

    Parents’ encouragement and appreciation means a lot to a child. A child is emotionally as well as mentally attached to his parents and expects at every stage to be motivated by his parents. So it becomes the sole responsibility of the parents to guide their children and assist them in all aspects of their life. Besides, a sense of competition should be developed in the mind of the child so that he develops in him the urge to win and beat all others competing with him.

    Try to emphasize on the process

    Teach your child to learn the way of doing his tasks and also make him realize that its end point i.e. winning is a mere guide post for him so as to reach to the zenith and he should work hard so as to learn the entire process of doing it so as to expertise in that field.

    Difficulties are remembered and rest is gone

    Teach your child that only those things are remembered by the human brain in which a lot of effort has been taken to learn it. Easy things are learnt very quickly and as well they are forgotten very easily and quickly. Try to make him work hard so that he forgets all the fears of attempting all the challenges in his life and faces them like a champion.

    Be optimistic

    Make him believe that only his failures will make him learn different ways of not solving a problem because there can be only one way to reach to the destination but there can be many with which you cannot get to that point. Try to develop in your child a sense of optimism while attempting the most complex questions of his life.

    Thus these ways really help you out in solving a problem well in life. You can make your child much confident and active only with your support and encouragement. Try to bring quality in your actions as at times children try to follow their parent’s actions and reactions as it is and so if their parents are good in their action so it will be good for them too. These methods can really help anyone overcome his fear of failure and so try it out as this is the most essential part of life.

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