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    Friday, August 03, 2012

    Tips To Teach Kids About Strangers

    One of the biggest and the most challenging responsibility of a parent is to teach their children the art of dealing with strangers. You definitely want to protect your child from strangers. This does not include telling them the horrific stories about strangers. You definitely don’t want to terrorize your child about strangers but only want him/her to carry out some security measures when alone. To teach him these security measures, it is important to know about the child’s point of view about strangers. After getting a detailed insight, you can make your child aware of the dangers by strangers.

    Explaining the safe child approach:

    Instead of horrifying your child, it is more beneficial to let him/her know the guidelines on how to treat a stranger. Some of them are listed below:
    • Tell your child that there is no way to know whether a person is good or bad just by looking at him. It may happen that people may pretend to be good.
    • Being friendly is a good habit. But being over-friendly can lead to danger at times. You need to tell your child about the possibilities that may result from being over-friendly to strangers.
    Rules that a child should follow when he is alone:

    If your child is alone, teach him to take care of his own. She/he can follow few simple rules listed below to ensure his safety when not with an adult.

    • Maintain a proper distance from the stranger. Being too close to a stranger can be dangerous at times.
    • The most basic rule is not to talk to strangers. Even if a stranger approaches you, don’t show him/her any friendly gesture which invites him to involve with you any further.
    • Strangers may sometime offer you things. They are likely to offer a candy or a chocolate bar. Do not accept anything from a stranger as it may contain unwanted additives to harm you.
    • The most important rule is not to go anywhere with a stranger. Children often fall for this rule.
    It is important to talk to your child about these rules and safety measure as your only opinion will not do any good. The child must also agree to each of the thing that you tell him. In this way, he will follow the above rules to ensure that he is safe.

    Teaching your child with examples:

    This is the best way to teach your child on how to react when a stranger approaches. If you are accompanying your child to a park or any other social place, you can show him how to ignore a stranger. If an irrelevant person approaches you, just excuse yourself politely. Then explain your child that he should do the same in such situations.


    A child’s safety is the most important issue for a parent. Teaching your child to properly handle himself outside when alone can be a great milestone in parenting. The methods discussed in the article can be very beneficial for you. Now the next time you tell your child about strangers don’t forget to mention the above rules.

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    1. A great article, I'd like to add my input as well. I prefer not to talk Stranger Danger, a much more positive approach is Stranger Awareness, please see a blog I wrote on the subject http://kidsbesafe.co.uk/archives/stranger-awareness-not-stranger-danger .

      Your child is unlikely to meet somebody who means them harm, so
 let's not scare them unnecessarily. Instead we need awareness and to make sure
they know how to respond without thinking, you need to train them and refresh 

      Some structure to training helps, consider these steps to teach them:

      1. Be aware of any people they don’t know, where are they, what are they doing


2. Keep a safe distance from strangers

      3. If a stranger approaches make a clear (physical & verbal) signal that they do
not want to talk to them

      4. Make lots of noise and never give in if the stranger persists


5. Go to safety – Home, people they know who they are allowed to go to


6. Tell someone what has happened


There is an ever present threat of abduction by strangers, those people that say it's only
 friends or family that do bad things are wrong, the crime statistics in the UK don't back
 that up, please look at this blog for the overview http://kidsbesafe.co.uk/archives/113 . Frightening, but luckily it's still small numbers, so make sure you teach your kids, don't scare them and refresh regularly.

 I hope that's useful, please check back on the blog for up-to-date help and advice.




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