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    Friday, July 20, 2012

    Top Ten Tips To Manage Sibling Rivalry

    A very important and the turbulent relationship among the sisters and brothers living together is called the sibling rivalry where brothers are doing everything for their mother’s attention and sister are for their father’s. This is as old as the Bible and prevalent not only in humans but in animals as well. This competition is most common among the siblings of the same age groups and remains throughout their life, no matter how old they become, though, at the same time, they also have immense feelings of affection for one another.

    To prevent this rivalry, we should apply the following points:

    Parents play an important role
    The most important point is the behavioural attitude of the parents i.e. parents should treat them equally without being biased of someone’s age, talent or any speciality. Every child is a special one and should be treated in that way.

    Do not compare your children
    Never make comparisons among the siblings as it make one of them at the receiving end and make him feel low whereas the other one feels high and hyper.

    Listen to their problems
    Listen to your child’s angry feeling attentively and let him vent it so that he can feel free and no ill feelings and stress are left in him. If he does not let out these feelings then it would grow his anger and would ultimately make him away from you.

    Give your child the privacy he needs
    Every child should be given his own time and space without any compromise. This is their right and should not be deprived of that.

    Try and build the bridge between both your children
    Cultivate a friendly feeling in the older child for his new born sibling and make him his “mom’s assistant” with new responsibilities.

    Do not neglect your elder child
    As a mother, you should also play with and pay attention to your older child whenever you get time as the mother is the most precious possession of a child. This way you make your older one to understand that you belong to both of them.

    Father’s should also be participative and compensate for the child’s mother
    As a dad, it is your responsibility that your older child finds a friend in you because he has lost some space at mother’s front and it is you who can fill the space by spending more quality time with him which assures him of his importance.

    Teach them to love each other
    Basically siblings are not born as rivals but it is the treatment, meted out to them, makes them adversaries. The best way is to develop soft feelings in them for their siblings which create a sense of responsibility. The idea of family meeting creates a better understanding among the siblings and they behave more responsibly towards other siblings.

    Let them solve their problems
    Solve their problem in the humorous way so they, instead of fighting with one another, start having fun and forget all the differences. Also do not interfere in their issues and let them find a solution by themselves. This would also spare you from the tension of taking anyone’s side.

    Teach them to work as a team
    The best way to make your children understanding and loving is to teach them to work as a team. Assign them tasks in which they are bound to take the help of the other. This would help them spend quality time together and would make their bond stronger.

    The aforesaid points are the certain ways which create a harmonious atmosphere at home and help the siblings diffuse their rivalry and remain standby with one another when is necessary in all weal’s and woes . And the efficient and careful handling by the parents in early times is the most required things to be done.

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