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    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Top Ten Tips To Eat Healthy Foods for Kids

    Kids mostly like to eat junk food and they avoid the healthy diet due to which their body lacks nutrition. If the kids are not taking a proper diet it is the duty of the parents that they inculcate the same habit in them. Some of the parents take their kids outside often and this is the reason that they don’t like the food cooked at home but prefer eating outside. This is not only bad for their health but the body will have no nutritional value which is important for doing the day to day activities. There is nothing much which you have do, but just follow the simple guidelines and you will be able to change the eating habits of your children.

    In order to maintain the health of your family here are the ten guidelines which you can try:-

    Which food is best for your child 

    Only the parents understand the liking of their children. When you go to buy packed food ensure that it has sufficient nutrients which are required by the body. Though the kids will not like these foods but make it a habit that once in a day they have a nutritional diet. This will help in building a strong body and a strong mind. Give fewer snacks as it just meant for taste and not for completing the diet. There are a variety of nutrional foods available in the market so collect all and store them in your fridge. In this the way the kids will develop interest and they will start eating the food.

    Develop eating habits at young age 

    This is a good approach because once they grow up it will be difficult to change their eating habits from the very tender age teach them to eat good food which is rich and healthy.

    Involve them in more extra circular activities

    Nowadays kids spend most of their time in either watching TV out in playing computer games do to which they become fat. While watching TV they like to have junk food and more their watch TV the more amount of snacks will go in their body. Limit their time of watching TV and playing games so that they find other interesting things which will keep them active. This will help in losing fat and also become a little active in other things than sitting for hours in front of TV.

    Include sweets 

    Sweets are very much loved by kids but it should be given rarely. Too much of sweets are not good for health so limit the number accordingly. Once in a week is a quite good for them.

    Inculcate the habit of eating on time 

    If you want your children to be healthy do not allow them to eat any time they want. There should be a time gap between every diet they take. It is not necessary that they eat in bulk quantity but it is essential that they eat less and after some time. This is a good habit as food has to be digested completely or you can suffer from indigestion.

    Don’t make your kids choosy

    There are some children who have a very specific choice and so they do not eat many things which are good for health. This is a kind of spoiling your child so control their eating habits. This does not means that you do not give them the choice in eating but stick to your plan on including a good diet.

    Prepare menu

    While preparing the menu remove all junk food from the list but include healthy foods which are good for health.

    Become initiators 

    The parents should also eat the same food which the kids are eating or else they will not follow the menu. Teach them good eating habits which will inspire them.

    Drinks can be a change for them 

    You can give a change to your kids by offering drinks which they like. Don’t give soft drinks but fresh juices can be an excellent idea.

    Appreciate them but not with food 

    Some of the parents show their love by offering chocolates so don’t do that. This will spoil their eating habits. You can take them to parks and make them enjoy but not with parties and other stuff that develops bad eating habits in them.


    1. Giving your child all the healthy food stuffs will help in maintaining a healthy body.

    2. Adding healthy foods in our meals is definitely a better choice to stay active and fit forever, as we witnessed a huge amount of eating disorder found in kid's behavior therefore we should develop the practices of healthy eating in their behavior. Here we got the list which helps to recognized healthy foods especially for kids.


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